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Registrations for Agasthyakoodam Trekking starts at 11AM today(5th Jan ’17)>> The registrations for Agasthyakoodam Trekking starts on 5th January ‘17 at 11AM. This year the trekking starts from Jan 14th and ends on 24th February. Only 100 persons allowed per day for trekking.

The booking can be done in Akshaya Centre or Online ( OR Inorder to enroll/register in Akshaya, a copy of identity card and photo have to be submitted.

The ticket fare is INR 500 per person and a max of 15 members can be enrolled in a ticket. In Akshaya centre, apart from the ticket fare, INR 30 to be paid for 1-5 members, INR 40 for 10 members, INR 50 for 15 members.

Ladies and Children below 14 years are not allowed for Trekking. On the day of trip, members are requested to carry the printed copy of Ticket, Signed Self declaration form, photo and Identity card to Bonacaud Forest Picket Station at 7AM. Eco development commitee provides a guide for a group having 10 members.

Agasthyakoodam is one of the highest peaks in Kerala and is famous for it’s rare medicinal plans and herbs. This peak is part of the Western Ghats and towers to a height of 1868 meters above sea level. Agasthyakoodam (commonly known as Agastya Mala / Agasthyamalai / Agathiyar Malai and Agastyarkoodam) is also a famous pilgrimage center know after the sage Agasthya.

The pilgrimage involves a trek of 56km (28km one side) from Bonacaud/Bonaccord making it a trekker’s paradise. The main attractions of Agasthyakoodam are it’s evergreen forests, grasslands, rare herbs, biodiversity, mind blowing scenic beauty and the chance of seeing wild animals.


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