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NLP for Teenagers, First time in TVM

“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?”  – Marianne Williamson>> There was once a farmer who trained his dog to walk over water.  To show off his dog’s unique ability, he invited his friend for a shoot.  He shot a bird which fell into the river. He then commanded his dog to fetch it. The dog happily ran over the surface of the water and brought back the bird. The farmer looked at his friend and waited for a comment. When there was none, he asked his friend if he noticed something different in his dog.

The farmer’s friend said, “Yes, I noticed your dog can’t swim!!!

Yes, this is exactly what we do. Some of us only see what we can’t do and very few of us see what we can. Our lives will change according to how we perceive the world.

MindLinks is an NLP based training organization, dedicated in helping others to lead a successful, happy and fulfilling life. They provide personal as well as corporate trainings & counseling sessions and is also associated with educational institutions.

This summer, they are introducing “NLP for Teens”, a program for teenagers, for the first time in Trivandrum. This program is organized keeping in mind the challenges faced by our young generation as well as their parents. Do you as a parent feel helpless when it comes to managing your teenager? Do you wish you had a better rapport with them? Do you want them to lead a happy and successful life? That’s exactly what this program is aimed at. It helps the kids to have a positive outlook towards life, helping them to understand the power of positive thinking, being aware of themselves and their surroundings and also to be able to make confident and informed choices.

For more information contact: 9895654915, 9746084925/[email protected].’

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