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Live2Eat- Order Food from your Favorite Restaurants Online

live2eat>>  Now it’s easy to taste our favorite dishes from your favorite restaurant when your taste buds demands so.  Without hassles of travelling, the order will reach your office in time.

Live2Eat (, the website and mobile App, allows users to place their orders on the go.

Using Live2Eat is a simple process.  If  you needs to order lunch to your office today, then you need to order food between 3pm the day before and 11am today.  You will receive the lunch between 1 pm and 2 pm.   Now the facility is in open beta state, only to Technopark premises. Later,it will be expanding to the entire city.

“We collaborate with the best local restaurants and individuals to provide quality and affordable meals that are prepared fresh daily. We make it easy to find the ideal lunch because every meal is beautifully photographed and presented with a description, ratings and ingredients.  Everything can be ordered for individual or small/large team.  It also makes arranging Team lunches a simplified process”, Abhiram Suresh, one of the founders Live2Eat told to

For More Details contact: 0471 6004600


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