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Ishaan Dev – A Versatile Musician from Trivandrum!

Ishaan Dev - Musician from Trivandrum, Kerala, India : Ishaan Dev –  An uber talented Indian music composer, multi-instrumentalist,music programmer, singer-songwriter, and stage performer, who showed his flair in all South Indian languages. His body of work spanned across Malayalam,Tamil and Kannada with Chintamani kola case, Sound of boot, Don, Kai, Shyloo to name a few.

Ishaan hails from Trivandrum . At age three , Ishaan started showing interest in music which was first identified by his father, also a singer. He started his basic lessons in carnatic music under his father and continued the formal training by various acclaimed musicians Iraniyal perumal, Ambalapuzha Vijayan, Neyyatinkara Surendran and Chandrababu.

During his graduation Ishaan paired up with famous violinist Balabhaskar to form the band Confusion. Ishaan was the lead vocalist and percussionist in the band. The Duo combination hit the stages in early 2000s.
Ishaan took his baby steps into Malayalam music Industry as the Associate of Jassie Gift in composing “Lajjavathiye…” ( For the People) and also been featured in it with his humming. He composed the song “Kaliya Visha Dhara” for a TVcommercial which received attention by Director Shaji Kailas. The song was later selected as the title track for movie The Tiger. This song garnered rave reviews from nooks and crannies of Malayalam Movie Industry which paved way to the dawn of another Gifted Musician to Gods Own Country. Ishaan certainly a man with golden heart and melodious voice, often praised by his well wishers and Fans.

“Shyloo” Ishaan’s debut kannada song from the movie Shyloo made him walk away with dual awards for Best Singer 2011 as well as best Upcomming singer 2011. He has also worked in a couple of Kannada movies Munjane and Samkranthi. In Tamil his premiere movie was Elam avan seyyal in 2008 and Kai thunindavan in 2012. His work in these movies met with high acclaim and appreciation from his supporters. He had also sung few devotional songs

The Band – ID Music


Ishaan Dev’s Interest in music made him form a band ID Music ,  The concept is developed by Ishaan Dev alias Shaan . Along with Ishaan the band consists of a group of gifted youth who adds a neo vibe to present day Music. They teamed up honestly to bring wings to the sense, flight to the imagination, and vital spark to each minute body in this universe. As far as Band ID concerned music is borderless. Like all bands they don’t believe in a particular genre of music. They show their passion in all forms of music worldwide which is their Brand ID. They developed own style of contemporary approach in performance which started gaining grounds among their Fans.

When performing unplugged music, there is no where for the musicians to hide. Every element must be top-notch – the music, the lyrics, and the performers, including the vocalist. It is the power of a skilled vocalist like Ishaan Dev, who can take the meaning and emotion from a lyric, and multiply it one hundred fold.To hear this type of vocalist is a rarity. How many vocalists can mesmerize an audience with very little instrumental accompaniment ? A gifted musician like Ishaan performs unplugged music with ease.

Ishaan Dev’s Musical App

Recently Ishaan with his techie friends launching a mobile application for music loving folks . Music is one of the most beautiful human expressions. The ability to make music is a true gift. The smartphones and tablets have revolutionized both the creation of music and appreciation of it. The App provides some wonderful features for musicians, which include the budding artist seasoned professional and everyone in between. This app brings a singer in you to social media stage. You can sing and share the song in Facebook watsapp etc.

Like any endeavor, if you want to do something study those who have done it before you. If you want to be a writer, you need to read. If you want to make music, make sure you listen to a lot of it. There are many apps that provide music but my app is Unique claims the young maestro. It engages a person more with learning through fun and rewards.

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