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FLY: A gripping tale of an unusual revenge>> She is the lone woman in a flat. She cooks, eats, drinks and smokes. But, she is not someone who is enjoying her ‘me time’ while her family is away. Fly, a short film made by a group of techies at Envestnet in Technopark, is a gripping tale of a woman who tries to escape from her trauma.

The 9-minute short film delves into the minds of the protagonist without the help of any dialogues. After a point, the plot takes the form of a thriller giving enough hints over what has happened outside the frame.

Directed by Vishnulal Sudha, the short film begins with a tag line ‘It is not the wings that make you fly’. Cinematography handled by Sibin Chandran and back ground music by Ratheesh Krishna deserve special mention as they succeeded in setting the right mood for the theme.

Biju James and Vineeth S produced the movie. Sujin S, Vidhya , Dhyan, and Sudha are the executive Producers.

The eating scene was exceptionally performed by Reena John, who played the role of the nameless protagonist. The short film is available in the YouTube channel RedMint Pictures entertainment.

Though ‘Fly’ conveys the message without much flaws, some hints over the motive could have given justice to the plot.


Watch FLY in Youtube.


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