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Clean Tettiyar Campaign in Technopark>>  Prathidhani, the socio cultural organization of Technopark employees started a campaign to clean up Tettiyar, a rivulet, which flows in the Technopark campus.  City corporation mayor, V K Prasanth inaugurated the clean up activity.

Hundreds of employees from various Technopark companies volunteered in the clean Tettiyar activity held on this Saturday (April 1) 8 am to 11 am .  Prathidhwani organized the clean Tettiyar campaign in association with Trivandrum corporation and Technopark.

Mayor VK Prasanth said corporation will ask Technopark and TCS to ensure smooth flow of water in Tettiyar, which flows in the campuses.  Need to run awareness campaigns to avoid dumping waste into water bodies.

Polluted Tettiyar in our greenest IT Park.?-  Read TechnoparkToday News

Once a fresh water rivulet, Tettiyar is now polluted with dumped plastic wastes such as carry bags and bottles.

Initial environmental examination of storm water drainage- a study conducted by Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in 2012,  states ‘Tettiyar thodu is running in the premises of Technopark, Kazhakuttam and is being silted up. Protection of Tettiyar thodu will prevent flooding and water logging in the surroundings of the Technopark area’.


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