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Are you ready for a career in BlockChain?.

Are you ready for a career in BlockChain?.

Kerala State Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC), a key State Government initiative, has launched an ambitious programme for imparting training in Blockchain technology to students, providing them with an early-mover advantage and positioning the state as the largest supplier of Blockchain technologists in the country.

Accelerated BlockChain Competency Development programme (ABCD) as it is called, is open for diploma holders, graduated youths and graduating students from Engineering and Science backgrounds.

The programme offers two-part certification, where the participants will obtain a Foundation Skills certificate in Full-stack and intermediate level skills on Blockchain technology. The programme for Full-stack is of 124 hours of duration, developed and delivered by ICT Academy of Kerala

The second part of the programme, the Blockchain Developer and Architect programme is developed and delivered by the Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA), which is an advanced R & D department within IIITMK.

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