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Allianz Technology India adds Electric Vehicles to Employee Transportation Fleet>>  Allianz Technology India has introduced five electric vehicles to their employee cab fleet of 90+cars in Trivandrum’s Technopark.  This initiative promoting the use of e-mobility reduces CO2 emissions by replacing diesel vehicles.

E-cars take a significant strain off our environment, especially when running on renewable energy. They can meet the challenges the automotive world of tomorrow is facing.

As a responsible insurer, investor and employer, Allianz aims to contribute to the sustainable developement of all markets we are present in, including India,” said Christof Mascher, COO and Member of the Board of Management of Allianz SE. “Every initiative counts!  I am proud that Allianz Technology India is a first mover to operate an e-car fleet to the benefit of our teams and the city of Trivandrum.”

Ashish Patel, CEO Allianz Technology India said: “Adding electric vehicles to our employee cab fleet is a big step for us in the right direction and exemplifies our green commitment as responsible corporate citizens. As we complete 15 years in India, it’s a matter of great pride for all our employees that Allianz Technology India has come forward to pioneer this sustainable initiative in Kerala.


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