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Advanced Electrolysis to Stop Unwanted Hair Growth is now near Technopark

Unwanted hair-growth is a big problem for beauty conscious ladies.may be due to hormonal imbalance, PCOD, or heredity.  Threading, waxing, and tweezing  etc are the some of the ways to remove them.

It takes lot of time and effort to keep them away and stay in style. So ladies used to spend  their time and money to get rid of this big problem. But there are permanent and proven solutions for stopping unwanted hair growth. that’s electrolysis. Now a lady entrepreneur near technopark setup an advanced electrolysis center with imported equipment’s and expertise to help you.

Aiden’s Electrolysis, an advanced electrolysis center in Kazhakuttom offers complete solution for unwanted hair growth issues.Scientific electrolysis is the latest technique to remove unwanted hair and it is 100% guaranteed.   This treatment is different from all other methods.

Scientific electrolysis has no side effects compared to other methods of treatment.  It takes much less time and its cost is very less.  It has no issues like burning of skin, scars, or pigmentation.  The treatment is convenient for all skin types.

“In Aiden’s Electrolysis, we use advanced electrolysis machine and treat very carefully without damaging tissues.  Electrolysis helps to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.  We remove unwanted hair from hair follicles.  Here the technique is performed by experienced electrologists,” Nisha, the electrologist said.

They are inviting you to visit their office and see how it works. They are offering special discount and orientation sessions for techies. For more details contact :  7902725977 / 9567809377, Aiden’s Electrolysis, Visakham Plaza, Gvt HS Road, OPP ESI branch office, Kazhakuttom

Email:   [email protected]

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