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Acsia ties up with AOX Germany – And it creates 1,000 new jobs for skilled professionals

Acsia Technologies announced a strategic partnership with AOX, an esteemed German firm specializing in real-time software solutions. This collaboration is geared towards offering a comprehensive range of services throughout the software development life cycle, positioning themselves as the ultimate solution providers for all automotive software needs.

This groundbreaking partnership is not only set to bring about significant advancements in the automotive software industry but also promises to create a remarkable impact on the job market. With the creation of 1,000 new positions, skilled professionals will have the opportunity to engage with state-of-the-art automotive technology and contribute to the development of cutting-edge software-defined vehicles.

Acsia Technologies, already a prominent player in the IT industry, is poised to further enhance its position through this strategic alliance. Additionally, this collaboration opens up exciting career prospects for individuals seeking to make a difference in the field of automotive software engineering.

Acsia and AOX offer an extensive range of services and solutions encompassing the entire V-model of software engineering. Their joint portfolio includes car topologies tailored for software-defined vehicles (SDV), network solutions such as AUTOSAR, ethernet, and PCIe, as well as software designs and implementations of multi-OS system-on-chip solutions.

Both Acsia Technologies and AOX are excited about the prospects of this partnership. Jijimon Chandran, CEO of Acsia, expressed confidence in their ability to deliver the latest advancements in automotive software technology, leveraging Germany’s global leadership in automotive engineering and India’s growing prominence in the software industry. Rainer Oder, CEO of AOX, emphasized the optimized engineering processes and efficient communication flow resulting from their close cooperation, ensuring successful project deliveries with innovative customers. Their joint value proposition lies in the combination of highly skilled scaling teams and exceptional software architects, ready to support clients in Germany, Europe, and beyond.



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