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Safety Corner – College & Bus Timings

Question: I am Revathy from balaramapuram.My sister is going to study in a college in Nagercoil.She is planning to go to college daily from home & is not opting for hostel.The morning timings are okay & fixed.But in evening the timings may change due to various reasons-exta classes,labs,combine study,bus break down etc.Its good that she is here with us.But is this daily trip safe as far as she is concerned even though 2 of he friends are there with her?What all are the security measures that we can give her & hw can we prepare her to face a threat situation?

Hi Revathy,
Firstly it was very responsible of you to take care of your Sister’s well being.I will guide you with what needs to be done, try to implement them with the help of all  members of the family, after all Security is a Family affair.

  • First few days Let her be accompanied by her Family member/s to College. That way others can get a better understanding of the College, the route, the people, the teachers and her probable friends. This will help her also to be relaxed and understand the new world better. you can also aquatint her with any relatives, friends or other known people in the travel route, that may come handy for her some time.
  • Get her an economical mobile connection. instruct her that this for her need only not for any fancy uses. keep track of that.
  • Give her a list of numbers she can call if she needs help. including Police stations and other important emergency helpline numbers.
  • Give her minimum pocket money only, just to meet her needs not more. keep track of how she spends it.
  • Every day when she gets back home let someone – you, father or mother, and talk her day out. Do this every day no matter how long 5 min or 1 hour all fine, but do it regularly. keep close watch on what she is going through and give her necessary advise without hurting her feelings and respecting her integrity.
  • Keep close watch and contact with her friends, their families their friends too. Watch out for any unusual behavior.
  • Does the college have a College Bus. It is better to use college bus even if it is a little expensive.
  • Buy her only decent dresses, nothing reveling or too fashionable.
  • Tell her not to reveal too much about her to others. at least she is convinced about their integrity.
  • Get her a personal security device like a Pepper Spray, a Kubotan, Personal Alarm, a small torch and teach her how and when to use them.
  • Give her a basic training in Self Defense. this can go a long way in maturing her mind and preparing her to meet different threats in life. We do this training in just 3-4 hours at just about Rs.500/-. A wise insurance for a safe future too.
  • Above all give her Confidence in life, a confident girl will rarely meet with any threat she cannot handle.
  • Once you have taken such protective measures, just watch over her with ease and assist her if at all she requires  it.

Hope you find these suggestions useful. if you have any more quires we will be most happy to help.

Adv.Anu Venugopal Nambalikkaran (IIM-B)
Security Expert & Consultant
Rampart Services & Solutions



  1. Very useful article Adv.Anu Venugopal. This valuable write up will help not only the particular questioner, but also all the readers.

    This is really a must read article for all responsible parents. Really impressed, and thanks to

  2. traveling daily frm Balaramapuram to Nagercoil is really a heck. it may take upto 5 hrs to travel daily up & down. the traffic in marthandam is so pathetic that it may take 45 min to cross just 2 kms. she cannot able to continue her studies back home. so staying in a hostel over there is recommended.

  3. Well said Stephan ji….

  4. thanks for giving a very detailed advice. i think these tips are very much applicable to every girl who isgoing to school/college or even the workplaces.

  5. So I’m going to be attending Ithaca College this fall and I need to find a bus to Syracuse to visit a friend of mine that goes to school near there and also to be en route home.