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Safety Corner – Ask your questions to us!

In wake of increasing safety issues in our society, home, workplace, travel etc..especially against Women, Children and the Aged In association with Rampart Services , A Professional Security and Safety Company, is now introducing a special ‘Safety Corner’ in, so that you can ask your queries / questions to the expert, and get the answer/solution for your problems.

We are starting this session, because of the requests from our readers, and a number of such safety issues were reported recently including the chain snatching, molestation, abuses etc… it includes personal safety, workplace saftey, home safety, child safety, assets safety, and general safety and security practices and precautions.

To participate on this, you can send your safety/security related questions to [email protected] with the ‘safety question’ as subject line. The archives will be available in Extras>Safety Corner Menu of this website


I am living in an residential area.But my house is somewhat in an isolated position .I have a good compound walI with glass pieces attached on it & have my windows equipped with iron bars.But my house has been bulglarised 2 times in 3 years.How can i stop this?

You Said your house was burglarized…    1. When was the burglaries done?     2. how did the burglar/s get in?    3 what was stolen?we need these answers to give you a better assistance.
With he limited information we have these are the recommendations we can give.
1. Inspect your house thoroughly ( you may also want to do a Security Audit) and find out what the structural weaknesses are there in your house that allows Burglar/s to enter, and block that.
2. Form a Group to watch over the homes in the Association , a Neighborhood watch program, and take turns to keep an eye on each other’s houses.
3. Install a basic Burglar alarm System in your home. Also a CCTV cameras with DVR for Surveillance and recording is also very useful.
4. Display a board outside your house which says” this House is Secured By…. Company”
5. practice safety measures in your house like Lock all doors and Windows, Open only if it necessary to let someone in, have lighting / motion sensitive lights outside , etc,etc
we have only given you a generalized recommendation, for any specific queries do contact our Rampart Security [email protected] 09744229744

Thank You
Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran, Security Consultant, Rampart Services, Trivandrum





  1. This is a good service offered by tpt. thank you.

  2. Very good initiative..thanks to TechonparkToday and Rampart services…

  3. this is very much needed. nobody is safe now a days. awareness is really needed. thanks for the efforts

  4. i sent my question in the e mail address provided. expecting for the reply.