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Raid in Hotels near Technopark, Kazhakoottam

Special squad from civil supplies and legal meteorology departments raided hotels in kazhakkuttam, near technopark, where majority of the techies are depeding for their food and seized large quantity of stale food and other hazardous food items.

The popular vegitarian hotel in kazhakkuttam junction, Aaryas found using synthetic colors in tea and also found charging heavily for the food items.this hotel found operating and preparing food in ugly and unhygenic enviornment. the squad found many other issues and reported to the district collector for the further actions.

Another hotel in kazhakkootam junction, Hotel Maloos were using the excess colors in chicken, they used the synthatic color in chicken, and kept the stale food for serving the people. the squad disposed all those stale food.

other hotels like Geethanjali, Annapoorna, Hotel Mahadeva, Hotel Sreekrishna also in the hazardous list. Its found that most of the hotels are charging heavily for the food items.

So, techies are requested to take extra causion when you visit these hotels next time. and please report if you find anything suspecious with the food they are serving.

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  1. Maloos, Aryas, Krishnas ….!!!

  2. Geethanjali is over priced, and they are ‘koothara paandi’ hotel. totally ugly and unhygienic.

  3. Please dont go to those hotels again… If you eat that food, you will get sick and it may cause serious health issues.

    There are lots of houses nearby technopark, serving home made foods. It would be great if someone can publish the list of such places near by technopark.

  4. It says to report if we find anything suspicious. But report to whom? No phone numbers or mail ids provided.

  5. all the hotels are alike better like koora Maloos(my friend got and old chicken piece last year from here), pandi Geetanjali and pandi sree krishna. Pandi hotels having even 45rs for meals… and the meals sucks… damn all must go to hell… Best thing is to try homely foot near technopark…. its so tasty and moderate priced. In the hotels when they bring washed glass, we can see all of their fingers must be inside the glass. We will surely vomit if we see that, someone drinking water from that glass… mhh ????

  6. why didnt the authorities come inside the greenest tech park in the universe where according to the park administrators they have never received complaints!

  7. Please publish the list of homely food suppliers around technopark. that would be a great help for us.

  8. What is the Complaint number?

  9. Even other hotels in the technopark vicinity doesn’t play honest.

    If you have time, go thru my useless story in AL-SAJ. Just want to say that they are over priced.

    Just take the case of a Lime Juice. If you order for one, they will get you some lime juice in glass with a table spoon of sugar and Soda separate. Need to mention that we didn’t even get a chilled soda. We have to bring opener from house, but yeah if you have prior experince in a bar, then you can manage. Then you can start your work. Prepare it yourself and drink. Don’t drink fully, because you will ask for water when you get the bill.

    ITS JUST RS 30.

    Be happy man “At least you learned a new job”.

    Now as we were idiots, we went to the office and asked them about the high price and to my surprise, the manager was very calm, may be because he also had one lime juice from there and not being able to pay the price got a job there?. We asked them why the Price Board is missing in your hotel. Even then there was no reply from him. But I wasn’t disappointed, because I got answer from one waiter “Ithrayum perku ividunnu onnum mindathe kazhikkayamenkil ninnakentha?” [Thank god, he didn’t use any prefix or suffixes.]

    Even after that I had food from there. But this time, I am a good boy. Never ever complaints again. Because that what i am supposed to be.


  10. AL-SAJ is one of the hotels in kazhakoottam which charge the HIGHEST PRICE for food. And there is no SQUAD to check this. What a shame.!!!

    For one lime soda, Rs 30/-….

    I can’t beleive this, even 3 star hotels will not charge like this…

  11. Its so very annoying when people use the word, “pandi”. Yes, i agree that these hotels are bad but do you think all the other hotels are good. Even many kerala hotels are in the same situation. Its really not a healthy practise to emblem as pandi hotels

  12. most of the hotes around technopark are greedy and bad. hotels are not clean and the food items are unhigienic.

    Aravind NC’s comment and branding the bad hotels as “pandi” is racist and shows his anti-Tamil attitude. When it comes to hotels in and around Technopark, there is no difference between Tamil hotels and Kerala hotels , most of them are bad. For your information, some of the best hotel chains in the country are Tamil hotels such as Saravana Bhavan, A2B, Chettinad, etc. Be careful when u use the word “pandi” in a derogatory manner.

  13. ppl are using the word ‘pandi’ to show the level of unhygienic situations, not in the racist manner I think. Why you people are this much tensed by hearing that word? now itself there is a tensed situation between the tamilians and keralites on the mullaperiyaar issue, you wanted to ignite that again?

  14. good argument!!!!

  15. But one thing i can say, the so called pandi hotels – the established brands are always keeping their shops clean at least in the eating area. and the kitchen may be stinking. but in the kerala pandi hotels both are ugly and rotten.

    Geethanjali was good when they started, and they were not keen in maintaining that after sometime. whatever it is they are getting the money, then why should they keep it clean? the so called people will be go there and eat like anything even if they provide the food in any ugly environment

  16. Its not a problem between kerala and TN hotels. Kindly maintain your words when u comment about TN. So what do you mean from the above comment..? TN people are not that much stupid to sit silently and watch all your comments. Try to maintain kerala’s dignity please…..

  17. We cannot tolerate raciest comments here. Please stop.

  18. Its not the problem with races here.. its our health problem.. so can speak about the problem alone…

  19. Geethanjali, not only hygiene, non-realistic price and rude staff. It is very annoying the way they look at ladies.

    Maloos was a helpful moderate cost place for many techies especially since they are open till mid-night. But they also lacks hygiene.

    Al-Saj is not a place for people who care pockets. Hygiene – no much idea but felt good.

    Food supplied by many “homes” are good. But its illegal to sell food like that. So it is not a good idea to publish the list. Many technies depend on them so “better dont put crocroach in their food” and help boosting other hotels.

    I remember an incident inside technopark- kudumbasree food people got blocked by securities many times by the influence of few nasty restaurants.

  20. Perumal..I accept with you..Its a mistake from our side to speak wrong.. sorry..Hotel is a place where all of us have nothing is there in speaking abuot races..So lets comment only on the Hotels and not the races please…

  21. Thanks for understanding ………..

  22. Proud to be an Indian.
    Praveen reading your comment with that of Vineesh, i have a question,
    Will you buy a Nano car for the price of a BMW?
    There is one place in Kazhakootam junction where i can have delicious kanji, payar and chammandhi for just Rs 20. I am happy to have that. They dont use adulterations or any harmful ingredients.
    Only similarity in keralite and Tamil hotels are that they are equally bad in keeping hygiene in their kitchens.
    Value for money is important no matter how much rich you are…
    Just a thought..

  23. Selsha…your comment is not good.

    Aravind not only mention Pandi Hotels, but he also mentioned mallus hotels which is serving unhygienic and rotten foods.

    Here, the concern is about unhygineic and rotten foods supplied by the near by and inside hotels in technopark which is causing serious health issues to techies.

    So we have to fight against this situation beyond any race (Malayali OR Tamilian).

    So techies, please stop all other talks and react to the serious issues we are facing right now.


  24. Thanks Ashok for understanding me..

  25. @Ashok, I was not supporting Al-saj.

    Also to add, everybody knows Al-saj is a bit costly but still people go there… but “above average” techies only. There is no point in counting Al-Saj for a regular lunch.

  26. Hello everyone this comment is only for meera,
    U r annoying while hearing the word PANDI ryt,please kindly note one thing u r eating RICE in your home na that is harvested by we “PANDI” people hardly and u r eating it smoothly ok,even u r using salt for your food na that is also coming from PANDI’S only ok,you also depen on PANDI’s for your basic things,so u have to ashamed for your comment like anything and be aware while you are commenting in public portals okkkkkk


  27. @Moderators – an urgent cleanup required. Lot of misunderstandings in this thread.

  28. Is this a fight between Tamilian and Keralites? Hygine is they key topic we are discussing and why we deviate from this?

  29. Praveen, I agree to your point. This is what always happens, somebody starts with a real cause and others deviates on meaningless points.

    I was closely looking this thread these days for valuable comments . There is no use. Even though there are people who sincerely thinks that things should change the way it is now, they are really out numbered. Like others, this thread also became meaning less. There is no use in following this any more.

    Humble request : ” Lets just discuss the matter only”.

    Thanks Praveen, Ashok for replying back.
    Take care guys : -)

  30. @vineesh. You said the right point as i think.

    Why we are wasting our time in posting comments to this blog. I know that there is no use of that right now.

    What my intention was that just to make some awarenes amoung techies about the food quality that serving to us here in technopark and near by Hotels.

    As we people think something when it happens to “US”. We are not taking any care, how to handle the right situation we are facing even though we are all well educated and civilized.

    Thanks Guys.!!!

  31. No matter whether mallu or pandi, the food which they are serving to the people should be hygienic and worth for the money that people are spending.

    Geethanjali, Maloos and all another restaurants running at kazhakootam and near by the technopark needed serious changes.

    Geethanjali is very unhygenic and the prices are very high. i don’t know why they are charging like that. being a vegitarian hotel, many of the north indians and TCS/INFY people are having food from there. techie people are not bothered about the money, so the hotel is charging more. Isn’t there any laws to restrict the prices? or control the prices?

  32. If so what about Hotel Al-Saaj? they are charging very heavily and the food is also contains some sort of chemicals, which results you sleepy and stomach troubles after 10 minutes.

    Their rice is heavily applied with some sort of chemicals, you can’t eat that rice much after having a couple of mouthfulls, you will feel its enough, and then suddenly you feel very dizzy.

    Its also suspected that they are using excessive AJINOMOTO in their foods.

  33. Let us have a look inside Technopark…the technopark authorities are claiming that they check the food supplied inside the hotels every year…and also they send it to some forensic lab for “God Knows” advanced verifications but the most funny part of it is that after all these so called tests they never found any foul chemicals in the food.
    Just consider the case of Rangoli, the biggest food chain inside Technopark
    1.Cost – For all almost all dishes, they have the same gravy. and the costs are reaching the 80s.
    2.After eating any of the chicken dishes from Rangoli, we will get a “free mehendi” in our hands, just check it, the orange colour remains even after washing the hand.
    3.Quantity – No comments….

    All the food items inside technopark are 20-50% expensive than that outside.
    Are we not common people, all of them thinks that we are people from another planet and we are getting tons of money every day.

    And about the racist arguments…din’t want to get into that but please stop the
    Mallu….usage…We already have much beautiful name for it

    @TAMILAN – you are taking this discussion to a completely different level.What Meera said was right she is not only blaming the tamil hotels but also the kerala ones and mind you the rice we eat is not free of cost and no one has the right to speak upon that and please don’t deviate the subject….for your silly complexes…..

  34. About Geethanjali, I got a cockroach from payasam while i was having lunch. When i informed it to the waiter he just smiled and replaced it with another bowl without any explanation.

  35. @ram, you should have took a photo and publish in some techie blogs/forums.

    At least a small number of people could stop going these places.

  36. Pandi is nothing but Pandiya Kingdom who ruled in Tamilnadu.
    Also kerala was earlier in Tamilnadu only (chennai maaganam)
    so Pandi is including malayalees and Tamils.
    If you keralites tell Pandi that is including you only.
    Malayalees are nothing but tamils
    The meaning of malayalee is malayai (mountain) alugai (rule). Those tamils who lived in mountain area.
    Dont just comment without understanding anything. If malayalees tell pandi i will laugh about their foolishness

  37. @alex
    Good comments…

    But don’t you have anthing to say about Malayalis being called as “Mallus”

  38. Mallu is a short term for Malayalee. Many are thinking

    But there is a shocking meaning for mallu
    Please see the link..

    After seeing this better malayalees avoid mallu and use pandi 🙂
    Now the controversy is over.
    Malayalees and Tamils are relatives.

  39. good news for techies…..MALOOS stop using AJINOMOTO and SYNTHETIC COLOURS…… anybody can check…

  40. Mallus are monkeys, there is no doubt for that. they are the most narrow minded people in south India, they themselves pretend like they are the most educated and civilized, but not a single girl can go out after the 6PM in any of the mallu places, they are sex starving psychos it seems. not a single woman can travel in public transport with out the molestation. what a pity? still they are blaming the hard working tamilians and call them pandi in an ugly sense. this time mallus has to look in to themselves to find the truth – who is the dirty one.

  41. Good Maloos.

  42. Aneesh , Its correct MALOOS is Good now.

  43. My wife was diagonised with severe food poison from chicken fry served by MALOOS hotel. I warned Black guy serving in AC section before also, but it seems he is a saddist and likes to play with life of others. For Rs100 chicken we paid Rs.4000 to cure the food posion that too lasted for 2 weeks. Concerned authorities please dont allow this hotel to function. Let them not make fun of others life.