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Kutti Seminar: Fun-filled English learning session wins little hearts>> Who doesn’t love to learn English in an engaging and fun-filled way? Children love activities which impart skills in a subtle tone.  Organized by a group of professionals including techies, ‘Kutti seminar’ was held recently at Museum auditorium with lot of fun and enthusiasm.

Around 60 children from the city attended the seminar which was conducted free of cost.  The activity-based task was specially designed to impact communication skills in English that will be useful for everyday life. Communication was made easy and effortless through dance, songs, drawing, and activities.

For this edition, activities were based on the concept of various continents, where children were made curious to understand about the land and its culture. Children thoroughly enjoyed the three-hour session, which was held on last Saturday.

A group of women from various professions such as IT, medicine and art, were behind the ‘Kutti seminar; which was organized for the first time.

The organizers are planning to conduct more such activities in the city in coming months.


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