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Jewel – Techies’ movie goes viral>> An adaptation of a literary masterpiece, “Jewel” is a Short Feature that invites mature audiences into the world of magical realism. This 43-minute long experience is conceived and filmed by Nithin Nandakumar, the creative mind behind “Cappuccino” and “Eshal” which are Malayalam short-films popular among Netizens.

The Team

In an endeavour to continue the success saga, “Jewel” also reprises the same creative team of Writers, Associates and Actors from prior works. The Core Team of “Jewel” is also professionals who serve the IT Industry around the world. Nothing but passion for film-making brought them together 8 years ago, and they continue to dream big.

“Jewel” is Produced by Midhun Hari (Telstra), Unnee Udayakumar(Afterpay) and Nithin Nandakumar (Infosys).

Casting includes Minu Jacob (Infosys) who adorns the title role of Jewel, while Sarin (Ex-UST) plays Zane Abraham, Jacob Chethimattom plays Jacob Daniel, Mahesh Nair (Flipkart) plays Samuel Patrick, Nimisha Sunny (Infosys) plays Tanya Collins and Manu Madhavankutty (Spericorn) plays Dr. Isaac Thomas. We also see Anumod Sakar (Infosys), Shehna Noushad, Sonali Kamnani (E&Y), Sowmya Dolly (Infosys), Krishna Praveena, Shahul Akbar M (Infosys), Thomas Chandy and Anupama appearing in significant roles.

The film is Scripted by Nithin Nandakumar, while dialogues are by Unnee Udayakumar. Unnee and Minu Jacob also double up as associate directors. Production Control has been executed by Jacob Chettimattom and Shahul Akbar.

The visual department is exclusively handled by Nithin, with Cinematography, Cuts and Colouring resting safely with him.

Music by Rakesh Kesavan (Ex-Infosys) includes the Western Classical composition, “Jewel Forever”, penned by Minu Jacob and Rendered by Charles Nasreth. Rakesh has also composed the Title Track and Background Score, that maintain a mood of mystery, awe and anticipation throughout runtime.

Sound Design by Aashish Illikkal and Varun John complement the film with fitting ambience, and deliver to audiophiles an impactful Sound Mix. Choreography by Tincee Hema is an exciting blend of Western Classical and Arabic Dance.Costumes are by AHAM Designer Boutique.Production Design by Sunil Vengola and Black Creationz attribute a palette that fits the film’s theme.

The film has been shot at various locations of Kochi, Wagamon (Idukki) and Trivandrum. Marketing Partners are HOC Entertainments and

Indian Premiere of Jewel was held on the 5th of Dec 2019 at Carnival Cinemas, Mall of Travancore, Trivandrum. An International Premiere happened on the 8th of Dec 2019 at The Backlot Studios, Melbourne, Australia. Jewel has also found its place in International Film fests in USA,UK and Colombia along with PQFF 2019, Technopark,TVM

The short feature got released on Valentine’s Day via Amazon Prime (Outside India) and youtube.

Watch Jewel in Youtube>>


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