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How to increase your productivity at work?

More and more work and limited time, multi tasking, many distractions in between, unexpected events… people are getting frustrated and pressurizing at work than anytime before. How to sort it out?

It is all about managing your time, than putting more extra hours and burn out yourself. check out these strategies at work

Limit the time on tasks : Measure and limit your time spending on each task you do. we may not be accurate in gauging the time. better use some tools to measure the time you spend in each and every tasks at office

Set deadlines : Never go for any open ended tasks. always set a deadline for each of them. Try to finish it within that time, even if you have plenty of time left

Conduct Meaningful Meetings: According to some researches, people are spending an average of 30 hours every month for unproductive meetings. Ask yourself and your team that, is it necessary to conduct a meeting? If so, make it as a stand-up meeting.

Avoid Multitasking: It may looks very efficient, but actually it wastes lot of time and your productivity. focus on one thing at a time, and finish it before you start next.

Avoid distractions: chit-chat at office, mobile phone, social media etc are some serious distractions. you will get distracted even without your knowledge. better keep away them or minimize its use during office hours.

Take some breaks: Take regular scheduled break between your work. it will help you to improve your concentration and efficiency. working at a task without any break leads to decline in performance and add up stress, eventually your productivity will decline.

These are just a few proven methods to be more focused and productive at office. there may be many others, and some people may have their own tips. don’t forget to send them to us at [email protected] ,we will append the list for sure.


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