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Dancing with Objects: Step Up your Coding Skills with Design Patterns>> Every development organization loses precious hours and significant resources every year, trying to work around poorly written code. Bad code can function, yes. But if your code isn’t clean, it has the potential to bring the entire project down. It doesn’t have to be this way, if you get your Design Patterns right.

Design Patterns are time-tested and proven OOP solutions to repeated design problems, which lead to easily extendable, modifiable and testable code, irrespective of the programming language. They don’t just help with effective software engineering, but also effective communication among coders.

Like the saying goes, a good programmer writes code a machine can understand, but a great programmer writes code that a human can understand. It’s time to decide which one you want to be. So here’s calling all coders who are looking to fine tune their coding skills, to the 58th edition of FAYA:80 Trivandrum, Dancing with Objects: Step Up your Coding Skills with Design Patterns.
Topics Covered:
  • Sharpening Object-Oriented Skills
  • S.O.L.I.D. Principles
  • Introduction to Design Patterns
  • Types of Design Patterns
  • Use Case Demo
Techbites (Arun Unnikrishnan, FAYA)
Dancing with Objects: Step Up your Coding Skills with Design Patterns (Rajeev J. Sebastian, Alokin Software)
Date & Place
5 PM, 7th March, 2018 |  Floor of Madness, FAYA
The Speaker
Rajeev has associated with many successful national and international projects during his 16 years in the industry, including One Rank One Pension, Kerala State Legislative Assembly Knowledge Base, DC Books, Rachana Malayalam Operating System, American Honda Bikes, Toyota Racing Development, AOL Movies and Music, etc. He is a follower and contributor to various open source projects such as KDE, Kubuntu, Pardus Linux, SCIM, Mootools, etc. He also played a leading role in the Malayalam Unicode encoding standards, and development of UIs and fonts for Malayalam. Currently the CEO of Alokin Software, he leads a team of Python and OOP developers and is deeply interested in Software Engineering, OOP, AI, philosophy and films.
FAYA:80 (Read as FAYA PORT 80)
FAYA:80 is a monthly technology hangout for technology enthusiasts by technology enthusiasts to break the ice, analyse and evaluate emerging trends in technology. Held on the first, second and third Wednesdays of the month at Trivandrum, Kochi and Kozhikode respectively, the series stands for Free Knowledge Sharing and aims to provide an open platform for entrepreneurs, developers and technology professionals to keep at par with the latest tools and technologies.
Registration is free but seats are limited.
Live URL
If you miss to confirm your entry for the event, catch it live here:

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