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Aam Admi Party Serves Show-Cause Notice on Trivandrum Mayor

aam_admi_trivandrum>> January 9, 2014:  The Trivandrum chapter of AAP has served a show cause notice to city corporation mayor K Chandrika on Wednesday raising various issues of the city. AAP activists alleged that the mayor has miserably failed in discharging her duties.
The following notice referred to different issues including waste management, plastic issue, stray dogs, flex boards, etc.
For joining AAP Trivandrum chapter, contact Dr. Sugathan T, District Coordinator @ 9446703924

Show cause Notice:
We, the citizens of Thiruvananthapuram, do hereby issue this Show cause notice to Adv .K. Chandrika, The Mayor of Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram, based on the charges narrated below:

1) That you have miserably failed in discharging the powers, functions and responsibilities as Mayor of the Corporation as enumerated in Section 30 read with Schedule I in rendering the services to be made available by the Corporation to the citizens as published in the Citizens Charter under Section 563A of the Kerala Municipality Act and the various rules framed there under.

2) That the populace in the Corporation area are faced with the menace of stray dogs attacking them, especially children and women, thus endangering their lives and instilling fear. Towards addressing this problem you did not abide by Section 438 of the Kerala Municipality Act 1994 in issuing suitable instructions to the Secretary leading to effective action and have thus failed to address this issue.

3) That you have violated the mandates of Section 326 of the Kerala Municipality Act, by not taking any coherent steps or arrangements for the removal of rubbish, solid waste and filth, thereby creating a scenario for the spread of many contagious disease and deterioration of the citizens quality of life. In addition this also violates the assurance given by you in the Citizens Charter.
4) That the footpaths in the city are crammed with flex boards creating obstruction to the free movement of pedestrians and deterioration of the visual beauty of this city. You did not abide by Section 369 and Section 375 of the Kerala Municipality Act and the Kerala Municipality (Erection of Arches and Setting up of Advertisement Boards in Public Streets and Public Places) Rules, 1999, and have failed in regulation on this front thereby causing defacement of this historic city which was once known for its cleanliness.

5) By the aforesaid acts and omissions and by violating the statutory mandates which you have sworn to abide with, you, The Mayor of the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram have proved beyond doubt that you are not fit to hold the said post.

Hence we herby call upon you to present us a satisfactory and cogent explanation to the aforesaid charges leveled against you within 10 days from the receipt of this notice.


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  1. This is an excellent beginning for the people’s revolution here in TVM..

  2. She doesn’t deserve to hold that post any longer.

  3. Great !! AAP Keep it up!!! Bring down the arrogant mayor!!