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A valentine’s day with a difference!

Technopark was witness to a unique Valentine’s day celebration this time.! Members of CAWEA (Committee For Animal Welfare And Eco Adventure) came out with a novel Valentine’s Day Programme for the first time for all at the Bhavani Atrium in the Technopark . The smart and efficient team of CAWEA , that mostly includes Vets from ACIS , a company of Allianz in the technopark, managed to create excitement for all those who participated in their quiz based on animals. The winners walked away with lovely gifts for their Valentines.

Here’s what made their effort stand apart from any usual theme on Valentine’s Day- CAWEA took the initiative to include Animal Welfare orginisations in the city for their valentine’s day events. People For Animals [ PFA ] and Animal Rescue Kerala [ ARK ] also participated to spread awareness among those at the Technopark regarding the need for Animal Birth Control – Anti Rabies [ ABC- AR ] for domestic as well as stray dogs for not only controlling the dog population in the city but also to bring down the cases of rabies to nil. This method is being effectively carried out in Chennai by the full cooperation of their Animal Welfare Organisations and Chennai City Corporation. While PFA displayed their awareness campaign posters and sold their Exclusive PFA 2011 Calendars, ARK campaigned for the relevance of pet adoption from shelters with photos of adult dogs as well as pups at the ARK shelter waiting to be adopted. The ACIS vets community hopes to make a difference by not only doing their job well but also reaching out and volunteering with professional help for causes that match their time and focus for the year.

One of the participants , Avis Lyons,the founder of ARK wanted all to know that her shelter also has two nice labradors and three cute pomeranians waiting for homes. They are all sterilized. Anyone interested is welcome to ARK, Kovalam [ [ Tele No: 2796202]. “While in the west people readily adopt pets from shelter homes, in our city it’s yet to catch up. No doubt people have to be made more aware of giving a little space in their homes and hearts for the lovely animals of Animal Wefare Shelter Homes. ARK has been continously doing sterilization of street dogs in and around Kovalam marking the beginning of ABC-AR in Trivandrum. If the same is followed by our city Corporation, the street dog population of our city will be effectively controlled” she said.

-Shameem Faruque


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