Monday , 18 June 2018
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Workshop on ‘Pregnancy and Parenthood’ in Trivandrum: Registration Started>> I Love 9 months, in association with KIMS, Trivandrum is conducting first of its kind workshop in Kerala for couples, to help them through the journey of starting a family. The workshops are specifically designed to empower woman and her partner to make the right choices during the journey of parenthood, starting from preparing for pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal period.

I Love 9 Months has been founded by 3 Women Entrepreneurs, each having extensive expertise in fitness, birth education and lactation, clinical assessments and Lamaze. I love 9 Months is committed to promoting pregnancy health and wellness through education, wellness programs, advocacy, and community awareness. It will equip every would-be mother and new mother to deal with the pre and postnatal period, joyfully and with minimal anxiety to ensure a safe and healthy 9 months and beyond.


Planning to start a family is one of the most important decisions a couple makes. It is important to prepare and ensure that you are in good health both physically and emotionally. The aim of “preparing for Pregnancy “workshop is to help couples:

  • Understand the fertility cycle for better chances at conception
  • Learn how to maintain optimal physical health while planning for a family
  • Uncover the role of emotional health in conception
  • Know more about genetic counselling and its role in planning for a family
  • Learn the Trigunathmika Preparing for Pregnancy Fitness routines to improve physical and

emotional health

  • Understand the importance and key points to good nutrition while planning for a family


Pregnancy is a life-changing phase in a couple’s life. The physical and emotional health of the mother during pregnancy has a great effect on the health, growth and development of the baby. Our “prenatal workshop” aims to guide and educate the couple to have a fit, healthy and happy pregnancy by helping couples to:

  • Understand the physical and emotional changes in the mother during pregnancy
  • Learn Trigunathmika pregnancy fitness routines for a healthy pregnancy
  • Uncover the role of pain in labour and tips on how best to cope
  • Understand the role of partner, friends and family during pregnancy and birth
  • Understand importance of nutrition and learn ways to ensure a healthy diet during pregnancy.


Birth of a baby is a milestone in a couple’s life. It comes with immense happiness and new challenges. Most often, after child birth the focus shifts entirely on the baby and the physical and

mental health of the mother/father takes a back seat. Our postnatal workshop aims to help couple:

  • Understand the changes a mother goes through after the birth of the baby
  • Learn how to do the basic baby care routines like swaddling, baby massage, baby bath etc.
  • Learn the importance, methods, key hurdles and do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding.
  • Learn Trigunathmika Postnatal fitness routines to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Understand postpartum blues and postpartum depression.

Remember – Books and friends may not be the perfect guide to pregnancy. Come and join us at KIMS, Trivandrum on 28th and 29th May for an interesting and interactive session with EXPERTS.

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