Sunday , 22 April 2018
Breaking News – Techie’s website helps you to decide on which party to vote! portal which helps you to decide to whom you to vote for portal and its creator Anoop Ramanujam ( insight ), 2014) : Are you a neutral voter and confused on which party to vote in the upcoming general elections? A new site created by a Techie claims to make your decisions easier. The portal claim it can help in finding your compatibility with the major political parties – BJP, Congress, AAP and the Left.

They call it a game (though it looks like a test) – you are given Rs.100 and need to distribute it among ten different sectors like agriculture, industry, environment etc. You can choose a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20. An automated algorithm would then find out which is the party whose ideals are closest to you. They have revealed some details of the algorithm they use, but not all; so you can now only second guess how your exact score is arrived.

The team has, however, informed that they will reveal the exact algorithm towards the start of elections, once all the parties have published their manifestos.

visit the website –


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  1. Good job anoop. this site help people to decide which parties agendas match with our expectations. easy and cool.

  2. If you divide the amounts with some sort of logic, only bjp will come. This is another form of campaigning I think

  3. good website. i tried many combinations, and it works well. thanks for creating such a website, which helps the common man to understand the agendas of political parties. good job

  4. He explained how it works in the website itself. i tried different combinations, and i got different results also.