Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Where to Eat….?

>>The Food Safety Authority had served notices to more than 10 food outlets in Technopark in an inspection conducted four days ago owing to poor sanitation facilities.  Hiding the notice of the Food Safety Commissioner,  Kalpaka sea food restaurant and Amritha had placed another notice stating that the hotel was closed down for maintenance and would be opened soon.

Not just the food joints in Technopark, hotels on Kazhakkuttom area too have been served with notices for poor hygiene prompting the techies to opt for homely food services offered by some houses near the Nila rear gate.

Recently, employees of the IBS Software Services Private Limited had a strange experience from a food outlet in Technopark. “We were served rotten chicken from Chicking in Technopark. We have filed a complaint before the Food Safety Commissioner through email. However, he hasn’t responded yet,” said Binoy, an employee of the IBS.

Techies, who depend a lot on food joints inside Technopark, are a worried lot.  In the wake of recent controversies related to the ‘shawarma’ incident, more techies are opting for homely food.


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  1. A lots of complaints were raised about the quality of food in technopark. but no actions were taken so far. Technopark is charging heavily to the food outlets, and the food outlets are screwing the employees by serving the expired & low quality food and make maximum profit. Nobody cares, because its techies life and his health. an average techie will be spending his healthy time by working companies and eating such dangerous food all the time.

    Just check the sauce the restaurants are using – the food colors they are using – the most dangerous ones….

  2. Agree with Nishad, the sauce at Nav Rangoli, Bhavani is added with food color and it is really harmful, but employees dont care, you still see the rush

  3. The funniest and notable thing regarding technopark food courts is the same vendor wins the tenders every year and he can easily influence the Technopark management against any issues reported against him.

    We, teh end customers only need to be blamed. There is no point in asking questions. Its important what each individual customer in Technopark do against it.

    Whenever you face such issues, act against it and follow through. In most cases an absense of fllow-through make the culprits hide everything and repeat their “crimes”.

  4. As much as possible, prepare food in Home and bring the lunch. Even if you don’t have sufficient dishes, you can live a happy healthy life.

    One in a while these contaminated-junk foods may be okay.

  5. Close down all non-vegetarians restaurants ( animal butchering centers) inside technopark.

    Only vegeterian stuffs.

    Our Green technopark should be green every where. No red or yellow.

    We want Sarvana bhavan from chennai, Shanthi Sagar from bangalore, Aryaas from tirunelveli in technopark.

  6. We can’t say that, but whatever food they are serving needs to be with assured quality and quantity with reasonable price.

  7. I agree with Praveen… however, what Raj said is not that practical, just because some restaurants in Technopark are not serving proper Non-veg food doesn’t mean that everybody should start eating Veg. See the issue is not about Veg or Non-Veg, its all about good food.

    I think what we can do is when ever we come across such incidents of unhygienic food, lets spread the new across technopark. This might force those outlets to close down. That again brings another question, are we really bothered about what we eat? May be not. That is the reason why even after the news of rotten chicken in Chicking, people still eat from there (which includes two of my colleagues).

    Spreading awareness is good, but I guess its high time and we demand for good food. Or else, lets make sure that we don’t use those unhygienic outlets and force them to shut down.

  8. I have following suggestions.

    1. Rentals for food courts in technopark are on par with the rentals for IT companies. This I think is not affordable for many restaurants. Rental charges need to be reduced.
    2. Food charged inside technopark should be affordable and nominal. Because Salary level in technopark( and Trivandrum) is far below compared to other IT cities of India. So If somebody thinks that huge profit can be made (like in Bangalore, Chennai) from technopark, then they are wrong.
    3. More vegetarian hotels need to be started. There are about 20-30% non-malayaless working in technopark. Unlike malayaless, they are occasional non-vegetarians. They don’t like this food culture. Perhaps, this is the prime reason, for high attrition rate among non-malayaless.
    4. Technopark should invite established restaurants (in Kerala and India), rather than going behind the multinational food chains and less known hotels. Established hotels will never cheat. They provide good food at affordable cost.

    Established hotels list (1) Azad Restaurent (2) Aryaas (3) Indian Coffee house
    (4) Sharava Bhavan (5) Shanthi Sagar (6) Vayalil

  9. Malloo’s hotel at kazhktm serves quality food at affordable rates

  10. Malloos is a threat.

    “… hotel in kazhakkootam junction, Hotel Maloos were using the excess colors in chicken, they used the synthatic color in chicken, and kept the stale food for serving the people. the squad disposed all those stale food.”


  11. Maloos….na na na….not the right place though the price is affordable….Excessive use of colour is a major concern about that place…

  12. @raj – Dont know how you arrived at the conclusion ‘Established hotels will never cheat’. Azad and Aaryas have the reputation of serving contaminated food ,they were issued with notices before.
    The so said reputed outlets of chic king were also served notice.
    The reustarants ran by vital links in Tejaswini are looting techies ,other are also no exception.. Tea at cafe planet in a small glass costs 9rs.
    Technopark managment is only interested in rent that the resturants generated not the quality of food served there.

  13. Indian Coffe house serves high quality food at nominal price.

  14. I too for Indian Coffee House.

    But unfortunately at least one outlet got a notice in last raids.

  15. Actually the Indian coffee house approached technopark to start an indian coffee house outlet in technopark. but their demand was technopark has to provide the space for running the outlet for Free, then they can give food for discounted rate. but the technopark did not agreed that.

    Why the technopark restaurants are charging more and looting the techies? because they have to pay heavy to the technopark.

  16. What the technopark authorities are doing for the Techies for getting quality food. I think Park authorities are not at all worried about it. Once in a while when they get some complaint or some contraversy happens they will do somethng to show that they did something. They are just Agents of Hotel Owners.

  17. Not just in Kerala, not in India, it’s all over the world. If you want healthy food, cook at your home. See the news below.
    “Three-year old boy died of food poisoning in Sharjah. ” Shawarma is the villain again.

  18. But heard it was a cafeteria owned by a Malayali 🙂

  19. But authorities are not Malayalees . What they were doing?

  20. They shut down the cafeteria on the spot and the owner is awaiting judgement. He will pay a tough fine based on the intensity of crime.

    We cannot compare the restaurant systems between India and UAE or US. They have strict rules and one of these rare-in-rare events should not be counted to support the killings in Kerala.

    Here, any Tom, Dick and Harry can start a food shop and sell any poised food as long as you can satisfy politicians.

  21. Green colour Algal blooms in sources of mineral water bottle in amritha restaurant (Nila building 1st floor) @ technopark
    . i have complained to the persons twice bt they didnt take any action yet.
    they are not even ready to clean the bottle with the tap.
    lots of ppl used 2 drink water from that witout a second look.
    plz take action against that ASAP