Friday , 25 May 2018
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Waves Restaurant At Kovalam Beach

There is probably nothing more enjoyable than having a meal by the beach on a lazy Sunday and watching the world go by. We reach the beach in time for lunch and head for Waves, a sea-facing restaurant. Although it’s hot outside, the interior of the restaurant is surprisingly cool thanks to the refreshing sea breeze.

Drinks to beat the heat

Wilted from the walk under the sun to the multi-cuisine restaurant, we order some drinks – lemon grass cooler, ice tea and ginger lemon tea. The lemon grass drink is green in colour. It looks like a glass of pureed green vegetables with ice on top. However, a sip from the aromatic drink refreshes me.

We skip the soups (there is Thai chicken soup, vegetable soup and seafood soup, to name a few) and go for some starters. We order Thai coconut chicken salad (Rs. 150), Crostini (Rs. 100) and Fish fingers (Rs. 150).

The salad is scrumptious. We squeeze the lime wedges that are served with the dish to give it a tangy flavour. The dish has finely chopped basil, coriander and peanuts in it. The grated coconut and chopped peanuts lend the dish an interesting texture and flavour.

The Crostini reminds me of a pizza. The bread (the base) has a garlicy taste to it and the topping, mushroom and cheese, was delectable. Since it is a beach-side restaurant you expect the fish to be fresh and it is. The fish fingers have boneless fillets dipped in a lightly spiced batter and fried golden brown. The best part is, it is not dripping with oil.

Choosing the main dishes for the main course was a task as there were so many yummy-sounding dishes to choose from the different sections. Thai food, quiches, pizzas, potato and vegetable dishes, seafood, Indian and even Ayurveda food tempt customers.

Curious as to what the dishes were in the Ayurveda section, I take a quick glance. There is Kanji, Tridoshic dosa, Tridoshic payasam… Definitely, not for me.

We finally decide on Thai rice with prawns and green papaya salad, Oriental chicken stew and Aubergine and tomato cheese casserole.

Thai rice with prawns and green papaya salad has a serving of basmati rice with some juicy spicy prawns and crunchy salad. The Oriental chicken stew has a tad too much spice for my taste. Aubergine and tomato cheese casserole is my favourite. Delicately spiced, the dish was a fusion of tastes. We top our meal off with slices of Chocolate fudge cake (Rs. 50) and Coconut cake (Rs.50) from the German Bakery, a part of Waves. The menu for the German Bakery comprises German treats.

If you decide to visit Waves, be prepared to wait for your food. No five-minute service here. That is because the dishes are freshly made, just like home. And you don’t mind the wait as the view is great. Those who like to catch up on their reading can visit the bookstore that is adjacent to the restaurant.

For those who like to start their day early on the beach, this restaurant serves Indian and Western breakfasts. The restaurant that is near the light house is open at 7.30 a.m. It closes at 10.30 p.m.



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