Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Waste Disposal: Employees Have to Take Back the Food Waste To their Own Houses..!!

TechnoparkToday.com > Technopark authorities asked companies to do waste management by themselves.   Since most of the companies have no facility to dispose waste, the employees have to take back the food waste to their own houses.

The companies in Technopark are paying a huge amount as service charge for waste-disposal.   Now, Technopark authorities refusing to take food waste without prior intimation or meeting before such decision.  A Park Center official said to media that they are all set to install a waste management unit at Technopark and the present crisis would be resolved soon.

As corporation workers stopped taking waste after the Vilappilsala agitation, the park authorities sought the help of the owners of a local pig farm.  Later, they too stopped collecting waste.  Then, started to dump the waste in garbage pits on the campus.   Last week, some local people complained against the park authorities over the foul smell that was coming from the campus. The City Corporation has served notice based on their complaint and then the park authorities decided to stop taking food waste.


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  1. That is a good decision. But as an independent organization with Acres of land in hand, Why can’t Technopark start their own waste disposal unit? hundrads of companies are working there, and more than 30000 people – Is it really possible to take back the food waste in to home? – This suggestion itself is FOOLISH.

    As a place which is hosting the leading technology innovations & companies, – Let the Technopark implement its own innovative waste disposal plant. in place singapore, they are disposing the entire waste in to a small place( Maximum 1 acre). so if we can implement similar technology here, 10 cents would be enough for placing a waste disposal plant for entire Technopark.

    So The authorities should think in this direction – instead of telling the employees to carry the garbage back to their home.

  2. As an independent organization, Technopark can THINK about a few things, which would make a very good impact on its operation, as well as the example for excellence and innovation. They can think about:

    1. Generate solar power for the internal use – Many HUGE buildings like Tejaswini, Bhavani, Nila, Gayathri etc… They can fix solar panels and generate GREEN energy. Technopark is situated in a hilly area, so there would be plenty of sunlight all the time.

    2. Waste disposal for Technopark – Within technopark may be tons of waste is generating in a day – from companies, restaurants, and what you guess is right -many employees will bring their domestic garbage in to technopark for easy disposal, and one of such incident caused a big news sometimes back (bag bomb). Technopark can implement a waste disposal + electricity generating or bio-gas generating plant and distribute that power/gas to the restaurants working inside. some companies can submit proposal – if they have some innovative technology to do that with the Technology Incubation Centre, Technopark.

  3. It is very bad to see the waste bags are disposed near by the Pangappara road side ( the turn ). and sad to say that many of the technopark people are throwing the waste there. Even the corporation and residential associations put some sign board and requests there, to NOT throw any waste there, and irrespective of that and ignoring all that, our people are still throwing the waste there.