Monday , 28 May 2018
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Wanna be Part of a Film…?

>>A group of film-buffs from Technopark is all set to do a socially-relevant movie, ‘The Island Express’.  The story line is inspired from a true event –Perumon train tragedy in 1988.  A group of employees of SunTech are behind this venture.   The team is inviting the participation of others too to their venture.

The team, led by its director Bijoy, has decided to make it a collaborative effort.   Says Bijoy “Finance is a major component of a film project.   We are not planning to put the entire risk of making this movie on a particular person.  Rather it has to be distributed to make sure that we all are enjoying the process of film making and we want to extend that opportunity primarily to all you all who have been our true critics and well wishers so far which encouraged us always to sharpen our skills in film making. Let this be a movie made by us friends!.”

The team explains, “If you are interested with our program do register your names in   We will contact you back and let us meet one day in a common venue where we will explain the complete process of how we are planning to make this happen.  Also we are not just looking for financial partners – rather talents on other areas also.   So if anyone of you want to be associated with us in any of the areas (like acting, singing, music composition, dubbing, art direction, stunts, animations and graphics, project management/production control etc).  ”

The film is not an explanation for what had happened on that fateful day.   Rather it is a fiction incident so as to make sure that the people who lost their lives in this accident are not forgotten, the team explains.

The shooting of the movie, titled ‘Island Express’, will begin by end of the year and will hit theaters in 2012.

The Island Express Team


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  1. Dear Bijoy & Crew,
    The name sounds good,but the same name is used in the ‘Kerala Cafe’ movie in one off the 10 episodes to describe the reunion of friends and relatives of those people who lost there lives in the perumon train tragedy.

    It was a well narrated story and was directed by shankar ramakrishnan.

    Hope your dream has no connection with this story……..

    All the Best for all your future endevours…….

  2. Hi Raman,

    Thanks for your comments. We have ensured a small difference in the name by adding the tag ‘The’ and the name is ‘The Island express’. Surely you can expect a big difference interms of the story line. Please visit our site for more details.

    Thanks for your support.
    Team Megawave.

  3. Megaware,

    We are really proud of you guys, you guys proved that film making is not the monopoly of those celebrity directors or stars..Techies also can make very good movies, the quality of movie is not on the cost of the camera, or the stardom of the actor/actress, its on the quality and importance of the story and situations it tells, and the what it can give back to the society.

    we are sure that you guys can do it very well..and wish you all the best, and once again congratulations and we all are for the support of you…

  4. Hi Suman,

    Yes you are right and thanks for your support. Visit our website for more details and updates.

    Team Megawave

  5. “The Island Express – is a tribute to the martyrs of Peruman Tragedy”…has anyone bothered to check the meaning of ‘martyr’??

  6. Hi Jinish,

    The victims of Peruman Train accident are martyrs in our minds. Thats the whole concept of the story we are going to tell. For us those people died for a valid reason. And that’s how we would like to see it. Hope you will be able to find the real meaning when you come and see the film. Thanks for the support. – for your reference.

    Team Megawave

  7. Well said Megawave.. All the best for your future productions. Could you please post some of your vidoes in youtube ( if any? )

  8. Hi Abhi,

    You can go to our website and see the videos. This is available in the videos section. Our website is

    Our first work was The Shadow and The Myth with which we started. The last one was Lady in the Dark which is a ghost story. The Myth was made when we first decided to do an experimentation followed by other short films. We tried a different story which is related to secrets in Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple – with a fiction background.

    Please do see and let us know your comments. Thanks for your support. If interested, please do register in our website. You can be a financial partner or in other areas of film making. Please fill up the remarks column on how you would like to partner with us.

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    Team Megawave.

  9. Hi Hima,

    Thanks for your comments and support. Please do watch our videos in our website Also please do register in our website and kindly share your interests in how you would like to partner with us,

    Best Regards,
    Team Megawave

  10. Congrats 🙂 A good initiative – Very best to praveen & team; Hope to see it in golden jubilee celebrations @ theatres;

    Ahamed S

  11. very good initiative..all the best

  12. Thank you all for the support 🙂

    Team Megawave

  13. Hi There,

    Great initiative!!! In our busy life such kinds of initiatives from people like you bring up the talents and dreams that we sacrificed for our professional life. I would love to be a part of this team.

    Let me know how to register in your website.

    Vinodh, TVM

  14. Oops.. sorry!!! i got it….

  15. Nice to see a tribute to the Peruman train tragedy. I have lost folks in this accident and miss them a lot. Will watch Kerala Cafe. God bless.