Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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UST Global to add 8,000 staff in India

The end to end IT solutions provider for Global 1,000 companies, UST Global to add 8,000 more employees in India. The large majority of them in Trivandrum.The remaining numbers will be added at the company’s other India centers at Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore

UST Global is also considering an operations base in Hyderabad, and has firmed up plans to “immediately raise headcount at the Philippines centre to 1,000 from the present level of 300 staffers”. The company already has the infrastructure to accommodate 1,000 staffers at its Philippines base.

UST Global is in the process of launching a new campus in Thiruvananthapuram, and in the US the company had recently implemented next generation business process management solution for Catalina Marketing, a retail enabler and leader in precision marketing.

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  1. UST Global is the No.1 employer in kerala, I think…. UST is a company with a difference. They changed the entire atmosphere of kerala industry, where ppl considered kerala as not an industry friendly state.

    UST Rocks!!!