Monday , 23 July 2018
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Unity in Diversity Photo Contest to win Rs.30,000/-

Unity in Diversity Photo Contest – Prizes 30,000. Special prize of Rs. 3000 for TechnoparkToday readers., 2017): India has given the world so much – a highly educated workforce which can work with any other country, the concept of non-violent resistance, fashions, foods, holiday destinations, yoga as well as CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. Wherever Indian women and men have gone they have settled well and built good relationships in their host country.

Perhaps our biggest strength is how people from different religions and cultures have worked together to create a democracy and a global economy that is a role model to the rest of the world. People of every faith have been great role models whether it is the Presidency, Chiefs of Armed Forces, Business CEOs, writers, actors, musicians and politics. We are not perfect but our intellectuals and leaders are aware of the issues and are working towards their long term solutions. in partnership with is launching a ‘Unity in Diversity’ photo contest to celebrate how people in India visit all the holy places and enjoy each other’s religious practices as well as cultural diversities of the States in India. This contest is open to both men and women photographers. An example would be the image in this article (courtesy . Or the images in this link

Every photo showing such participation in the beliefs and cultural events of others will be given Rs. 1000 (22 prizes of Rs. 1000 each). Best Picture would be given another Rs. 5000. Second best picture gets Rs. 3000. There is no entry fee for this photo contest. As mentioned before, there is a special prize of Rs 3000 for the community. They would also be in the running for other prizes in the Rs. 30,000.00 prize pool

Send us your pictures with details like place/date taken, context and how/why you took the photo.Questions? Queries to clarify anything? Email us at [email protected] with your contact details.



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