Monday , 28 May 2018
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Can we end union issues in Technopark ..?


editorial>> The issue of head load workers charging exorbitant rate affected shifting works of companies in phase III campus of Technopark for the last two days. Technopark’s prestigious startup Good Methods Global was charged a hefty sum – almost 100 % more than the actual rate – by the head load workers to unload chairs and glasses on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Though the issue was resolved with the timely intervention of police, labor department and Technopark authorities, chances of the issue rearing its ugly head are high.

It is learned that the head load workers demanded Rs 80 per chair when the actual rate was Rs 25 per chair. They also demanded Rs 50 for unloading glass piece when it actually costs only Rs 8. Not just the exorbitant charge, the unruly behavior of the workers, many of whom entered the Special Economic Zone without proper ID, is a cause of serious concern.

Thankfully, Technopark authorities decided to act quickly. Technopark CEO Hrishikesh Nair announced the decision to enforce charge fixed by government, beef up security in the phase III campus and to restrict entry of people only with ID card.

The companies in Technopark too must take necessary steps when dealing with loading-unloading issues. The assistant labour officer of the district must be informed while bringing things to the campus. In areas such as phase I campus, the head load workers come under the purview of Head Load workers welfare board, where the money need to be paid only at the board. In areas such as phase III campus, the workers do not come under the board. There the company must contact labor officers while dealing with head load workers.

aloShajeena M, district labor officer said to that in the recent incident, the assistant labour  officer was notified only after the issue came in police station.  The labor department can ensure hassle-free loading-unloading transactions and they are always committed for it.  If any head-load work related issues in Technopark, assistant labor officer for Trivandrum second circle-Kazhakuttom- Sanal A Salam, can be contacted at 8547655346.

Let’s work and act together to keep the harmony of Technopark.

Suryajith S,  Editor-in-Chief


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