Friday , 25 May 2018
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Trivandrum Lodge – Movie Review

Move Review by Suraj Nair

The film’s central core is very short-lived wherein Anoop gives a honest reply when questioned by the divorcee on extra marital, there was a line drawn between love and lust, Perfect! that worked for me. That’s the intention behind this two and a half hr film. Sadly the message ends there for me. But that dialogue also justifies few other aspects which were portrayed in the first half, firstly the intense affair between two kids (which felt over the top in the first half, but in the second half it seemed believable for the fact that pure unconditional love still exists in today’s world but sadly limited to children).

Secondly why the scenes in the lodge tilted towards lust & sex (though I agree it was overdone, it could have been controlled) but I felt after watching the whole movie, the makers wanted to create an impact of how today’s crowd treat relations, it showed they all just look for pleasure – a give & take principle which looked very believable but as it was shown in a very LOUD way, the film lost it’s charm completely, gave a feel of third grade attempt on cheap sex comedy, which the film is NOT definitely.

Am still surprised to notice that the makers had a wonderful opportunity to explore the character’s played by Jayasurya and the divorced lady, it just got wasted. Abdu character was nicely portrayed with mix flavors of lust, arrogance, sympathy & caring. But like all the characters even this character was left half baked. The film just had a concept, to which the story was not developed as the makers would had expected or the audience would had liked to.

Acting wise, every other actor fared well, am not sure why singers were casted they struggled to emote. Even Jayasurya (barring the last cry, which felt sheer over the top, an attempt to woo the award jury) was moderate. Anoop Menon (the new Balachandran Menon) who will always have the matured (head weight) characters, though he acted well, had the best lines of this film. Music was apt. VKP did complete justice to the film’s limited plot, no scope for boredom but the story was not apt for a two and a half hour feature film.

Suraj Nair, a short film maker and film critic, working in Infosys, will be a regular contributor of film reviews for TechnoparkToday.

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