Sunday , 22 July 2018
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Triassic Opens Artificial Intelligence Research Centres in USA and Canada Triassic Solutions Private Limited (TSPL), engineering services and manufacturing automation company, based in Technopark, Trivandrum has opened Artificial Intelligence (AI) research facilities in Pleasanton, California in the United States and Toronto, Ontario in Canada, to cater the healthcare, retail and semiconductor industries.

Aneesh Suhail, CTO, has been appointed as Head of Triassic’s Artificial Intelligence research centres, will run the new centres as well as guide the research teams.

“Our customers had been using AI-based expert systems developed by Triassic for medical diagnosis, for enhanced customer experiences and for high yield manufacturing automation. We had started working with the world leader in visual computing which is based in North America. We also provide our platform to one of the first AI aided medical imaging systems providers. Our solutions for retail industries focus on giving enhanced experiences to customers and workforce. Machine learning and AI-based in-store solutions from Triassic are used by one of the largest luxury vehicle retail chains. The new centres will help us to be near our customers and partners,” Aneesh said.

Sivakumar, CEO, TSPL, added, “Together with our long term partners, we will develop industry specific AI-based solutions using our generic AI platforms from our new centres. Our experience in enabling real-time enterprises using software, hardware and AI platforms gives a unique value proposition to our partners and end customers. Triassic is leveraging its extensive background in process control and industrial automation to provide unique solutions in manufacturing. Triassic has built a robust framework to collect IoT (Internet of Things) and sensor data and turn them into actionable insights for the customers for semiconductor process control.”

The new centres will bring together teams of multi-domain experts, combining artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning along with domain knowledge.

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