Thursday , 15 November 2018
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The Show Showp: Get in love with pre-loved stuffs>>  You began de-cluttering your house, but wondering what to do with some of your precious stuffs.  It may be close to your heart, but is cluttering your house.  For the first time, Thiruvananthapuram is hosting a dedicated shop for selling and buying pre-loved stuffs (used items).

Started by two youngsters Bijulal Chacko and Sujith Babu, ‘The Show Showp” at Kannamoola is turning to be a hub of people who love buying/selling pre-loved stuffs.

From antique items, rare DVDs, gifts, gadgets, jewelries and furnitures, The Show Showp has it all.  It give space to artisans, who usually do not have a venue to sell their products.  There is also space for charity, where you can donate pre-loved clothes for underprivileged.

Like thrift stores or flea markets, the ‘Show Showp’ gives a space for people to sell their products, like handmade jewllery, curios, etc.

Techies’ classified portal is the online parnter of The Show Showp.

Visit ‘The Show Showp’ to get in love with pre-loved stuffs.

KRA-A 78 Sreerangam TC 94/3570

Kannanmoola, Trivandrum

Kerala 695011,

Contact:  0471 4000321.


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