Monday , 28 May 2018
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Tender coconut parlours coming in Kerala IT Parks

The tender coconut parlous are coming up in various IT parks in kerala. As part of that the first tender coconut parlor is inaugurated by by the Coconut Development Board at Infopark, Kochi.

The tender coconut parlor proved to be popular on the first day itself with hundreds of Infopark-based employees relishing the taste of pure, unadulterated and natural tender coconut water.

The Coconut Development Board is planning to set up 5,000 similar parlours across the country to facilitate marketing of coconut products. Fresh tender coconuts will be directly supplied to the parlour by a pre-designated Coconut Producers Society which consists of 40-100 coconut farmers of a particular area who will work as a unit in the production and marketing of their coconut produce, a release said.

The next tender coconut parlor is coming up in Technopark, Trivandrum.


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  1. very good news for Anti-Cola nadans like us…

  2. Good initiative ….thanks to Technoark authorities…

  3. Very good… hope it will be open very soon in technopark too.

  4. Good move.

    Hope price wont be a traditional technopark price. There are lot of coconuts in Technopark and most IT parks in Kerala and now those are ‘outsoruced’. Technopark can make money from that itself if they sell inside Technoaprk.

  5. but the coconut trees inside technopark are already removed, not only that the other trees as well, they are making provisions for more and more buildings inside technopark, and eventually the greenery of technopark will be replaced with the concrete jungles.

    Tender coconuts should be given in a same or even the reduced prices within the campus. wipe out the soft drinks and pepsi, coca colas from the campus.

  6. Selva_technoparK_madurai

    Technopark has still got large no of coconut trees. But the real problem is dearth of coconut tree climbers. Those available climbers charge exorbitantly.

    According to me Tree climbing is not a bad profession, given the fact that there is better payment. But in kerala, those capable climbers would prefer to reading newspaper and creating controversies, instead.

    Being a land of coconut trees (and land of labor problems), kerala should have found technological solutions which would have adequately solved problem. Coconut development Corporation is a big coconut, full of idiots.

    In our rural tamil nadu, a tender coconut cost Rs 10. Labor for climbing is much less than here in kerala. Tamil nadu has brought innovative technological solutions for various agricultural related problems.

  7. If Technopark can appoint climbers on contract, then this is also not a big problem. People are always interested in some constant income 🙂

  8. “ACCENTURE” staring their operations from technopark shortly.