Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Technopark To Get a Better Security Cover

>>Technopark is all set to get a major security cover.   After repeated plea against petrol looting and related unfortunate incidents in the campus, things are changing now.

As part of ensuring foolproof security, Technopark will soon get barbed boundaries and a proper video surveillance system.  The general body meeting of Technopark held recently has decided to strengthen the security system and to release fund for the same.

TechonparkToday reported several incidents where petrol, helmets, and bikes where looted from the campus.  Recently, three drunken men entered the campus during a program organized by a major IT company.  The general body meeting decided to mark the boundaries using barbed wires and to improve the general intelligence inside the campus.

Technopark authorities have invited tenders for installing a video surveillance system. The video surveillance systems will be installed at major locations as the second phase of beefing up the security.


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  1. Being the professional organization and one of the most potential place for happening any kind of attacks, the newly implemented security system should be fool proof. other than just installing a number of cameras and keep un attended. The tender should not be based on the cheapest supply. ( irradicate all those chinese low cost cameras and security systems which is installing by some incompetent companies).

    Looking forward to make it more transparent and fool proof and the best solution apt for a professional organization like Technopark. It should be the example for everyone in this country.

  2. well done technoparktoday.

  3. Good news for techies, especially ladies working in night shifts. Special thanks to team.

  4. Much appreciated move!

  5. Technopark should implement a fool proof security system, should be implemented by very competent and expert companies rather than the smaller computer assembling companies. also the quality of products should be taken seriously. avoid cheap chinese cameras, and go for high quality durable ones, which can operate in day or night or even in any weather conditions.

  6. It is really good move to implement the new security system. I have replied several times to the posts related with the security, petrol issue. It is very happy to hear that such a security system is going to get implemented.

    Suggestions :

    — Implement scanner to read a secret code from the ID card while entering the main gates without stopping the vehicle. If the code is not present in the database of the security system, let the system give a sound.
    — Lights in the bike parking at Nila.
    — Provide some bulk parking area under the shades with strict security

    so many suggestions in mind……..will update with time to time….

  7. Yes, Techies please come forward and share your thoughts about the current security threats and risks in your mind, or you experienced so far.

    Hari, those are nice suggestions indeed. but I think there is a small problem with the ID card detection. right now, the individual companies are giving the id cards and access control cards ( RFID cards). most of those cards are passive cards, means the data in those cards are a Unique number, and that cant be changed. so when the company purchase those cards, they are mapping a particular card number in to their database with an employee name. and those details are company specific.

    so whenever we scan a card in technopark entrance, we can’t ensure this is an employee of a technopark company. for that either the technopark should collect the database of all those cards, else technopark should provide the RFID cards to the companies and keep those information in their database for verification.

    A solution for that is the Active RFID Cards or smart cards given to the companies where the details of the employee and other security information an be kept in that card. and when he/she sweep the card, those information can be seen by the security officials and they can verify easily.

  8. How are you gonna screen who enters the campus? Anyone with a plastic card can enter after just waving it to the security! Debit Card/Credit Card, anything goes!

  9. technopark requires a tight knit security policy instead of the current one. this is a place where lots of security incidents are happening everyday, but it is not reporting or nobody is knowing about it. if you open a topic to report the security incidents, then you can see that how many security beaches and incidents are happening in a single day.

    One of my friends from Andra pradesh told me that she had some very bitter experience with in the campus itself. a group of men ( seems they are not from technopark) came in a car and asked her to get in. she screamed and ran away. it happened within the campus, at 2.30 PM one saturday.

    So please be aware about such incidents, and being the non-keralite, those people wont complaint to the authorities. even-though you want to lodge a complaint, nobody knows how to .