Thursday , 19 January 2017

Technopark incubation centre opened in Bangalore

Technopark opened an entrepreneurship development cell and an extension centre of the Technopark Business Incubation Center at the Garden City College, Bangalore.

Technpark CFO K C Chandrasekharan Nair said the objective of the center was to promote innovation and entrepreneurship on the campus by creating an ecosystem for it, adding that the Technopark incubation centre had incubated over 70 technology companies over the past 5 years with a success rate of over 93%.

Many companies started the operations in Technopark Incubation centre in past, and established as multi million companies later, Technopark is providing all the facilities for startup companies like basic infrastructure and expert advices to cherish their dreams.

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  1. Hopefully this kind of center can promote economic development and creativity among the people. Great idea!

  2. this is a good thing. hope that more new ideas can turn in to businesses. This sort of centers needs to be all over India.

  3. good news.

  4. Great news….So, it is available only for budding entrepreneurs within the campus?
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