Thursday , 20 February 2020
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‘Teri’ Movie piracy attempt busted by Technopark Cyberdome

theri for>> Kerala police Cybedome, based in Technopark, won over pirates who uploaded the newly-released Vijay movie Theri in Torrent.   Kerala police tracked and deleted the pirated version within hours of upload.

Thanks to Cyberdome, a Kerala police initiative to prevent cyber crimes, which works in association with IT experts and ethical hackers. As soon as they spotted the movie file, the cyber police sent a request to the administrator of the torrent site and it was promptly removed.  Cyberdome software team has been working round the clock to check piracy issues. Technopark-based Hacklock Solutions developed the solution for this purpose.

Before release of movies, producers will submit the name and details of the movie to Cyberdome team.  From the release date itself, the team will run a software to catch any files uploaded to internet with the same name.  Such alliances with the technology people and police department can effectively address the cyber crimes like online piracy.

“Once uploaded in torrent no one will bother to watch the film in theaters.  The entire film will be easily transferred to mobile to mobile using applications like x-sender and file sender.  I am a hardcore Vijay fan and I can’t accept piracy.  Good work cyberdome team.” Suraj Malayinkeezhu, a techie Viay fan said to


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