Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Technopark backgate road maintenance started

Technopark Back gate road ( Karyavattom – Tripadapuram) works has been started after a series of complaints and request from various companies within technopark. It is the road highly depended by the commuters from ullur, sreekaryam is a sort of short cut road for those whom likes to avoid the congestion in NH during busy hours.

TechnoparkLive! reported the pathetic condition of the road in an earlier post:

and one more good news is Technopark Authorities placed new lights along the main road of the campus, and its extended till the first turn of the back gate. its very helpful at least for the girls walking through that way to nearby hostels.


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  1. Majority of the conveyances provided by the Technopark companies commute through this way. Happy to see this news !

  2. at last they are going to fix it on rainy season.

  3. Better late than never 🙂

  4. it is a good thing anyway. i remember the giant gutters in that road, and it was a real hazard for the late night bike riders.

  5. That road was a shame for all Technopark companies! Hope the onion-peel-thick tar will stay on; there are lots of water logged areas in the rainy season on theat stretch.