Sunday , 24 March 2019
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Techie’s mobile phone captures short film with a strong message>>  When Ramesh decided to chase his dream of film making, he had to face a lot of barriers ranging from lack of funds and equipment. But, it was not a deterrent for realizing his passion. Armed with whatever he has, Ramesh made a brilliant short film – Mind Set -with a strong message, which is getting rave reviews.

Ramesh told “Since I have great passion for cinema, I studied the technical side of film making . But many reasons stood against me for realizing my dream . The main reason was lack of money . If one doesn’t possess a DSLR camera, minimum 5000 RS is needed for making good short film. Even that is affordable by me. But on seeing many short films created through I-phone an idea came to my mind . Nowadays, 4k resolutions in phones are very popular”.

Ramesh and Rajesh (DIrector and actor of Mind Set)

“Anyway, I started working using Asus Zenfone 3, selfie stick and LED light borrowed from my friend , a wedding photographer . I made a short film based on an immediate idea came to my mind. The actor is my friend Rajesh Jayakumaran. The shooting was finished with one day- morning one schedule and night one schedule. The total expenditure is Rs. 250 for costume. The editor is my another friend Sreeraj . I feel happy that I was able to convey a strong message through this short film though the idea was an immediate one” Ramesh told to

The film was fully shot on mobile and it conveys a strong message. Concept Radhika Ramesh, direction and camera by Ramesh Sukumaran, Actor Rajesh Jayakumaran

Camera and Direction Ramesh Sukumaran, Concept Radhika Ramesh, Actor Rajesh Jayakumaran Associate Director Abhijith M Nair. Editor Sreeraj, Banner Lights On Movies, Youtube channel Essaar Media.

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