Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Techies clamour for two wheeler parking in Phase III Technopark>>   Phase III of Technopark might have a beautiful campus and attractive buildings; however, lack of enough parking space, especially for two wheelers pose much difficulty to techies working in the Phase III campus.

Techies find it hard to park their two wheelers during the scorching summer and heavy rainy days.

The parking lot dedicated for two wheelers in front of Ganga building does not have the capacity to hold even half of the bikes coming in to the building on daily basis.  The parking now spreads out of the interlocked base area to the ground nearby.  However, parking bikes on this rough ground is not easy and when techies come back to take the bikes, they will see vehicles fallen on ground and some time the mirrors broken.

Techies requesting a covered parking space so that they can protect their bikes from harsh summer heat and rain.  Some of them commented that they are even ready to pay for dedicated covered parking.

It’s unfortunate that the planners have failed to address the issue of parking in a place like Technopark where the number of vehicles are very high.  It’s time to think about possibilities such as multilevel parking.


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