Monday , 18 June 2018
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TallTweets for Longer Tweeets!

There are moments when you need more than 140 characters to express yourself but Twitter simply won’t let you send a tweet that exceeds the limit

Services like TwitLonger and Twishort let you bypass the limit by breaking your long tweet into a shorter message and a hyperlink but the downside with such an approach is that people will have to exit their Twitter clients and launch an external web browser in order to read your full tweet.

Tall Tweets can help you post messages on Twitter that are longer than 140 characters. The tool will slice and publish your”long tweet” into smaller chunks of 140 characters or less and thus your Twitter followers will be able to read your entire tweet in their timeline itself.

What is Tall Tweet?

  • Tall Tweets will slice your long tweet into multiple smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publishes them all to Twitter in one shot.
  • The tweets are numbered and are sent in a reverse arrangement such that they can be read from top-to-down inside any Twitter client.
  • To get started, sign-in with your Twitter account, compose a tweet and hit publish. If there are hyperlinks in your tweet, they’ll be shortened using The app uses OAuth and therefore you won’t have to share your account credentials anywhere

So Login to TallTweet and start more tweeting. their website is


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