Monday , 18 June 2018
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Summer Champs – The Best Summer Camp for your Kids from Parivartan

This summer, Parivartan Corporate Training Academy, the premier soft skill training company that caters to some of the most reputed corporate, has launched their specialized summer camp-‘Summer Champ 2012’. This camp is designed for children aged between 7years and 12years. Parivartan feels that its time to sign your kids up for summer programs that promise to boost their creative, intellectual and social development.

This specialized workshop helps kids to build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of academic, athletic and social competition that defines their school life. With the fun filled environment and the multi dimensional activities that are tailor made to boost every child’s creativity and intellect, Summer Champ is every child’s dream vacation camp and every parents most desired productive vacation.

The kind of encouragement and nurturing kids receive at camp makes it a great environment to endure setbacks. When children take a break from TV, cell phones and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage with the real world – real people, real activities and real emotions.

Summer Champ 2012 gets your kids thinking out of the box and even teach them a thing or two about surviving and getting the best out of this world. Activity based highly researched curriculum will keep your kids engaged with the right mix of fun and infotainment. Right from making them street smart to doing social service; improving their persona to making aware the values and culture of India which is our pride; Helping them understand the importance and value of hard earned money to sparking their creativity, Summer Champ 2012 does all that and more..

Program Curriculum

Super Kidz: Personality Development and Communication Skills etc.

Power Kidz: Street Smartness, Social Service & Confidence Building etc.

Creative Kidz: Art & Craft, Painting, Drawing, Embroidery, Doll Making, Candle Making etc.

Desi Kidz: Tradition, Values & Culture, Sessions on Indian History, Heritage and Tradition etc.

WhizKidz: General Awareness, Current Affairs, Technology updates, How stuffs work etc.

Money-Wise Kidz: Financial awareness & Importance of Money, Kids Earn & Manage Money at Kids Market

Premium Add-on Packages:

Superstarz: Theater & Acting sessions by seasoned experts from the field. Kids get a chance to act in a short film made by the end of the session

Aero-Starz: Do you see a budding engineer in your kid? Make your child learn the concepts of aviation. Learn Aero-Modelling & build his very own aircraft!

There is an early bird discount of 10% till 2nd April 2012 and an attractive ‘Refer-A-Friend’ program through which you can claim upto 100% cash back.

Parivartan is launching the camp initially at Kochi, if you know someone who can take benefit of this program, you know what to do! And for those of you interested, Parivartan is willing to host the camp at Trivandrum in association with Technopark Today if there are enough registrations!

For more details visit or call 77 360 350 77



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  1. This is seems to be one of the good programs… Nice to see initiatives like this with importance to financial matters, Values & culture and street smartness! I think that this should not be just 10 day program.. Maybe it should be extended to 20 days or so!

  2. First time I’m seeing such a wide variety of programs for kids. would make them really smart. thanks for posting it.

  3. @Salim: We understand that some of you may find our program costlier when compared to other summer camps. But we request you to look at the infotainment value and the value for money that Summer Champ gives? Please don’t compare the rate of a ‘hobby class’ with a structured infotainment program which helps nurture your child’s character and personality.

  4. Please let me know whether you are starting it at Technopark. I am eagerly waiting to enroll my son it.