Monday , 28 May 2018
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Stop violence and harassment against women at workplace!

Today, November 25th – The UN day for the elimination of violence against women.

Women workers are experiencing more violence in the workplace and at home as the global recession continues. UN research shows that one in three women suffer from violence during their lives.

2010 has witnessed an increase in reporting cases of violence against women in  workplaces.Women are vulnerable in different ways, both because they often handle customer relations and because working at night as well as traveling to and from work at night can mean they are in danger.

UNITES, An organization of IT/ITES/BPO employees worldwide,  address workplace violence, we have been working on issues of domestic violence but it is tricky, and on ways that those suffering from violence can be given help in the workplace. This includes unions arguing for access to medical support and counseling, as well as ensuring confidentiality of cases and sympathetic handling of requests for time off work, where necessary.

What can you do

Kindly give the message   ‘Say no to violence’ .

Report any kind of abuses towards women employees to the proper authorities with out any delay.

See This Link from UNITESPRO about the violence/sexual harassment at workplace


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  1. It is good to see an initiative like this women need support and have to come together!

  2. Very good initiative. thanks for posting it

  3. Great article!

    UNITES supports the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

  4. This is very much needed in today’s work environment. people always says equal rights, but that is not in the security for women employees. harassments both physically and mentally is still there in jobs. many of them won’t respond because of fear or some other factors like fear of loosing the jobs.

    there should be some bodies to help them and supporting them by giving the guidance and advices and help them in needy situations.

    much appreciating this movement and article.

  5. Still i remember one of my friends were telling a very horrible story which happened to her during her work. but the villan was not any of her co-workers but the cleaning staff, from the company.

    I will tell the incident in brief. she has to stay back at office during night since she was in after noon shift and sometimes because of the work. and there were not many people nearby, and one cleaning boy misbehaved her, and there were nobody to ensure the security of the female employees working there. somehow she managed to came out and complained to the security person and he was telling he is not supposed to involve in anything happening within the doors. see how helpless the girl was… but later she complained to the HR people and they took necessary steps. But that took days and she wanted to run after all.

    But many of the times, girls wont be complain because of the shame caused by such incidents and sometimes that will be utilized by the people.

  6. Yes, Still the female employees are getting harassed many ways in workplace.

    if you see at the Lift walls in buildings like Bhavani/NIla and all, you can see the vulgar comments and pictures there. It causes inconvenience for the female employees to stay in lift. Thats one way of abuse and harassment.

  7. Wow…UNITESPRO – this is a new information for me.

  8. Also, how can we invite the attention of UNITESPRO for the issues in Technopark and Infopark like, Employee secuity, Transportation problems, Quality of food etc..? TO whom we need to contact for that?

  9. Nowadays girls are working in any field along with the boys. But Sexual harassment at the workplace is now very common. Every day we read in news paper that a number of girls are victim of Sexual harassment at the workplace. …

  10. So, the question is how we can effectively prevent such incidents?

  11. Wearing tight jeans and walking with bouncing boobs and complaining to sexual harassment !!!!!