Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Stop haphazard Parking in the Nila – Chandragiri Stretch

bike parking nila>> The road that runs through the back side of Nila building and passes in front of the side entrance of Leela Infopark (Carnival) building, has become an accident zone because of haphazard bike parking.

The road is wide only enough for two cars to pass each other. The bike parking on one side takes up one third of the road space, and cars find it very difficult to pass each other without hitting the bikes. This problem is at its worst on the curve before the Leela building entrance. Usually curves are made wider. Here, to allow for bike parking, a railing has been kept to limit the width of the road. The drivers of the cars will be able to see a car from the opposite side only at the last moment, and the only option is to stop the car and hope that the other car will not hit you or crash into the bikes parked on the left side. And sometimes, bikes are parked on both sides, making the road even more narrow.

This is what happened when an employee swerved his car to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle, and hit the parked bikes. His car got damaged, and in addition, he had to pay for the damages caused to the bikes.

This kind of accident can happen any day on this road. The only solution is not to allow bike parking on the road and provide space for bike parking elsewhere. There is space all around Nila building, which at the present moment is left unutilized, and can be used for parking. There is also empty space by the side of the same road where the bikes can be parked.

Another solution is to make this road one way. That way, the parking can continue, and the chance for accidents will become less.

Vineesh K

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