Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Stanley Suresh becomes the first artist in the world to launch his individual gallery on mobile platform

Artist Stanley Suresh seen showcasing the newly launched 'Stanley Studio' app on a tablet
Artist Stanley Suresh seen showcasing the newly launched ‘Stanley Studio’ app on a tablet >> A first of its kind Sm’Art’ mobile application — ‘Stanley Studio’, a perfect blend of art and technology, designed as a window into world of art, bringing art closer to art lovers is launched here in city at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad today. Stanley Suresh is probably the first in the world to launch individual art gallery on a mobile platform.

A painter by passion and teacher by profession, Stanley has spent more than twenty five years of his professional life in study and exploration of creative paintings. Blessed by destiny and talent all his life, Suresh’s high points have been the letter written to him by Mother Teresa in her own hand, and the inauguration of his first exhibition by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Stanley has won several awards and honors over the years and has performed several shows across the world. Some of his works are called Mother Divine, Monsoon, Ecstasy, Made For Each Other, Monsoon, Gathering, Affection and On A Rainy Day.

This app showcases, great masterpieces and original paintings of Stanley.  It highlights his life, work and different series of his paintings. ‘Stanley Studio’ app offers art lovers to see my artistic works, exhibitions, new paintings, etc. anytime and anywhere through smart phones and tablets informed Prof. Stanley Suresh while addressing the media in his classy Jubilee Hills studio today. With this application we can go beyond borders within no time. It takes years for an artist to establish himself. I worked for twenty five long years to reach this stage. Now, with this perfect synergy of art and technology, an artist can reach his customers, art lovers across the globe in a jiffy, he said.

The benefits I see are plenty. Art lovers can access my work while on the go, at workplace or coffee shop or anywhere, they know what is happening at my studio. The new App comes in handy to overcome limitations of internet. With just a push notification to Art Lovers, my new art work (paintings), text and information about events can reach regularly, he said and added that it increases exposure across mobile devices and helps to create interest in the artists work, induces sale though general and repeated business, said Prof. Stanley Suresh.

The ‘Stanley Studio’ app has been developed for three major platforms — iOS (from Apple Inc.), Android (from Google), Windows (from Microsoft) by city based, Innovus Technologies. These three platforms together cover 95% of the world’s smart phone market, informed Amaresh Kumar Pandari, CEO of Innovus Technologies. During the testing period the app got a tremendous response and this gave us confidence that this will be well appreciated by art lovers. Mobile is the device that will be increasingly used across the globe to access internet. Stanley’s pioneering entry positions him as artists to look up to in the art world, he added.

According to Gartner’s report, India’s mobile penetration which is currently 51 per cent is expected to grow to 72 per cent by 2016 and the number of mobile connections to cross 900 million. Already, India is world’s second largest mobiles devices using country. This will augur good for the artist like Stanley. When things are moving from e-world to m-world, Stanley Studio has already arrived to capture the virgin market.

The Indian Art Market is estimated to be about Rs.1250 crores, compared to the global Rs.31000 crore it may seem less than 1 per cent. But Indian art market said to be on growth path. A report published by Fortune found that the domestic market rose over 450 per cent in the last ten years, making it the most positive art market in the world and is said to be the fourth most positive market. Unlike in the past only few like collectors, connoisseurs, royal and affluent evinced interest in art for aesthetic value but today art is also looked at as investment. With this app the world is open market for the artist and an untapped huge market awaits him, said Amaresh.

Stanley Suresh is a renowned artist (Painter) who is also Professor of Painting and Head of the Department, College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University who has been painting for over 25 years. He has to his credit various national and international shows / exhibitions (Single, Two-men and Group), and has been a recipient of various honours and awards on several occasions. He is also a recipient of Research Award for research in painting from National Academy of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Government of India. He has been interviewed by BBC on the occasion of International Group Exhibition by eminent artists from 125 countries. He has also worked for three regional movies. He also worked as an artist at Annapurna Studio.

 And some of his major triumphs include:

Participation in the Art Exhibition “Contemporary Indian Painting – Tradition To Modernity”, Fulda, Germany
World Telugu Artists’ Painting Exhibition, Hyderabad
Work in the direction of three Telugu films – Ganesh, Antahpuram and Seenu
A documentary made on his life by the ZDF TV Team, Germany, 1991
Felicitation by Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, 1991
Felicitated by P V Narasimha Rao, then Prime Minister of India, 1992
Jugalbandi with Hariprasad Chaurasia (painting and flute) at the Suramandal Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 1993
Visits to many European countries for one man shows and demonstrations



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