Tuesday , 27 September 2016
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Smoking Ban gets Stricter in Technopark

>>A small fire that had broken out on Technocity campus recently had made the park authorities to strictly enforce smoking ban on Technopark campus.  Even the boards announcing smoking ban and fine amount are placed inside the campus, smoking was allowed in parking areas and corners of the buildings before.  Now, security men in Technopark are facing a tough time to enforce the ban.

A number of emails have been sent to Technopark authority requesting a smoking corner by some of the smoker techies.  They are now depending shops outside Technopark to take a puff.  “The ITC cigarette outlet in the Thejaswini food court is still selling cigarettes, but no place to take a puff.   It is very difficult to go outside Technopark for smoking ” says a Techie.


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