Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Smart solar inverter from Technopark

Ronds Innotech – The company is based in Technopark launched a home inverter here that runs on solar power and if attached to home appliances like fans and televisions can considerably reduce electricity bills. This product will be available initially in south India and then expanded to other markets. The price range begins from Rs.29,000 for the base model,” said Sijo Joseph, CEO, Ronds Innotech.

The innovative product ‘Smart Solar Inverter’ is an innovative and patented technology that can reduce electricity bills considerably. It works both on solar and normal mode.Moreover, the company has also developed a facility to convert existing inverters at home to a smart solar inverter by adding Rond Solar Hybrid Automated Power Controlling Unit (APCU).

If there is sufficient power from the sunlight, APSS will directly run the applications from sunlight without taking power from AC mains supply, thus reducing the electricity bill to a great extent and if the load connected requires more power, APSS will change power source to AC mains supply.

In the age of the green and clean energy, This technopark based company is giving a promising solution which saves your budget and environment at the same time.


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