Monday , 28 May 2018
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Smart City agreement cleared. 100,000 more IT jobs in Kerala!

Finally, Kerala government on Wednesday signed an agreement with its Dubai-based promoters for setting up the Smart City IT project in Kochi.The proposed Smart City is likely to generate direct employment for 80,000 people and provide indirect employment to another 20,000 people.

As per the agreement, on completion of the master plan, 12 per cent of the total land would be converted from leasehold to freehold rights within the Special Economic Zone.This project, slated to come up in 246 acres of land, was at a standstill for the past six years. With the hurdles cleared, the project will soon provide employment to thousands of young professionals in Kochi.


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  1. Rise of smartCity means death of technocity.
    Even death of technopark in the long run.

  2. Hmmm! Whether it means of death of anything or not, it is going to rock, rock and rock. Just check out the plans! Absolute thriller.

  3. It’s the competitive who survive. Twas maybe reasons like the above that made smart city face so many hurdles. IMHO

  4. shilpi,

    What you said is not correct. Raise of smart city wont cause any harm to any of the existing IT parks including technocity or technopark. because when more IT space comes in, more IT companies will come here to invest. and when kerala grow as a IT destination, many people will come to kerala to get more opportunities and more keralites will come back to the homeland.

    Thus more companies will come here for searching more experienced candidates and more talents. thus more jobs, those who cant get a space in Big IT parks will move in to smaller towns and satellite IT hubs like Cyberpark or cherthala infocity..and eventually that place will also get promoted and it will continue….

    More options will bring more opportunities…and its not as what you think…

  5. Whether it is smartcity or technopark/technocity, there is a limit to technology investment in kerala.
    Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Poona are the popular technology investment destinations of India. MNCs, Indian
    IT companies want to start or expand only in these citie.s They have best talent and skilled manpower in high technology domains.

    kerala has missed the great bus. SmartCity and Technopark, can can expect, Iinvestments in ITES, BPO sector
    and software serives services.There is little chance of technology majors in chip Designing, Embedded Systems,
    Enterprise Softwares, Software/Hardware R&D and Other Product development companie,s looking towards kerala.

    Tourism is the best choice for economic growth and there is always smart growth

  6. But there is no rule of thumb like, great talents and great companies are always in metros and big cities. when they are in a saturation, the companies and people will move in to the next destinations, where they can find more opportunity and less cost of living,.

    Bangalore and pune may be there, because people doesnt have any alternatives. if you provide better infrastructure. companies will start investing there also, and people will move out from those crowded metros to the new place.

    I know many people wanted to get out of bangalore because of pollution and cost of living, once they get a chance like smart city or technocity. they will surely go there..

  7. Looking at the coverage recieved in media and support from leaders like Umman chandy for smarty city, I feel the future growth of technocity and technopark is under dark. With high chances of UDF winning in coming assembly election, smarty city will get more patronage and promotion, thereby technocity and technopark will get ignored.

  8. There is only very less chance for that. These institutions are under the govt, but not direct involement in govt is possible there. the developement of the Technopark and Technocity itself would be many times larger than the smart city.

    Smart city project is yet to come, but technopark is already established and the next phases will get more attention than the upcoming smart city it seems.

    Trivandrum would be a favourite destination, since the outskirts of trivandrum has more space and potential than the over crowded and pollutted city like cochin.

    I dont think, the smartcity or any other upcoming projects would be a problem for any of the existing or upcoming IT projects.

  9. nothing will happen

  10. Smart City will not be a threat to any of the exsitng IT parks in Kerala or in other states. 12 years back when Duabi internet city started, there was a hype made by the media that Duabi goanna be next silicon valley. check the current status now. Also indian IT mainly depends on indian companies. Indian IT majors will never go after Shaiks for space rather they will strat in their own campuses and i believe most of them already started. other small firms will prefer TechnoPark or Info Park as the rent is very low … Then who is supposed to come to SC??? Answer is world giants like Oracle,IBM,Microsoft etc… But million$ question? Will they strat in a large scale in Keral where bandhs & harthals are celebrated like festivals…
    We have to wait & see……

  11. Selva_technoparK_madurai

    To attract more investments, trivandrum needs to become cosmopolitan city. Now it cannot be called as city. In and around of technopark has to improve further and should come out of its present darkness. It needs more star restaurants for dining, Shopping malls. People working in technopark are difficult time and coping with limited amenities. Street lights are needed and should be lit. Even after two decades of technopark formation, villages around it (kazhakuttom, kariyavattom, kulathoor, Pangappara, Chavadimukku and sreekariyam) has changed little.

  12. Selva, you are right. but to whom we should blame to? the govt only. Technopark or its authorites can’t do anything on this regard. but now a days so many apartments, shopping malls and branded shops are coming to trivandrum.

    But still i dont know in which sense the Smartcity can get a winning edge than Technopark?