Thursday , 24 April 2014
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A shift in Media trends due to new apps > With the help of social media the art of communication took a different route altogether. In fact it showed us how to stay connected with each other through “Likes” and “Shares”. Even without spelling a word people knew that they are thought of. Now with so many social media sites the scene is more than normal instead it is a little chaotic out there. Everything gets updated and by logging into one app you will get to know what’s happening in the other one.

The new apps are popping up almost every day and the interesting part is that each one of them has its share of followers. There have been some apps lately which serve lone purpose of saving us from the claustrophobic condition with so many social media sites around us. These are 5 apps that reveal the shift in social media trends –

  1. Bondsy – This works like eBay among your friend circle where you can buy things by offering something in kind and not in cash. Like you can trade in a pair of sunglass in exchange of some personal photos where all of your friends are present. So, this one is a nice app to have within your friend circle as it is free of price tags. It is always good to trade things among your friend circle without the involvement of any cash and this add up to the interest level. The only drawback is that if your friends are not interested then there will be no trade at all.
  2. Potluck – It is only available online for the time being but is a very interesting app to get hooked on to. It is uncomplicated, here you need to copy the link that you like and paste it in the site and they don’t mention your name when you are pasting the link. It just leaves with the comments that the link has got. It is an interesting app for those who like to get information without much search.
  3. Poutsch – This is great way to express your thoughts, read what others have to say about a trending topic, join in a debate, and uploads a question. You will get all the posts at one place without roaming around in different sites to get the views of different people.
  4. Medium – This one is an informative app where you can carry out a discussion regarding something serious rather than just wasting time on some juicy gossips. When you are logged in the site you will be able to take something fruitful and knowledgeable from this site. It is like a platform where you will be getting really rich content under one roof and if you are an avid reader then this site will surely become your favorite.
  5. Flavyr – This is more of a tool which you can use to organize all your photos by events like you will get all the photographs of your son’s 1st birthday sorted out in one place, anniversary photos and so on organized in one place.

Author Info – This is an exclusive article written for for by Ravi Gupta, SEO India Agency

  • joseph k

    Everyone is trying their luck in apps gives social + shopping features. tons of apps are in market, but only a very few of them made their luck.

  • kartheek

    But the thing is, most of the people are not aware about the quality apps in the ocean of tons of apps. is there any way to filter and distinguish the trending ones?

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