Saturday , 28 March 2015
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Senior database administrator (SQL Server)

Alamy is looking for a Senior Database Admin ( SQL Server )

Roles and Duties : • Daily DBA activities, including Monitoring Activities, Tuning, Reporting and Support on Variants of MS SQL Servers • Controlling access permissions and privilege • Responsible for managing and maintaining production SQL Servers, including uptime and disaster recovery. • Responsible for SQL Server documentation, e.g., SQL Server specifications, technical standards, SQL coding standards. • Create and/or maintain database and system documentation • Proactively automate database maintenance routines • Developing and documenting detail database design specifications • Coding stored procedures and triggers, based on specifications from development team personnel • Analyze, resolve, and document findings in support of reported database issues • Candidate would be responsible as a Domain Consultant (Databases) for different projects/Teams

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  • Recovery Database Network

    What kind of controls are we dealing with? Are these check boxes? Combo boxes? Text boxes?

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