Friday , 25 May 2018
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Sacking – Negotiation Talks Failed>>The employees and management of Leela-Infopark-based Techmach 3 Technologies held negotiation in presence of Labour Commissioner on Thursday. The talk was held after around 36 employees filed complaint at Kazhakoottam police station against the company for terminating them without any reason.

The report submitted by Assistant Labour Commission has made it clear that the BPO company had flouted labour laws. Talks between the agitated employees and management failed on Thursday and both parties will meet for talks again on Monday at the office of Labour Commission.  Labour Minister Shibu Baby John had intervened in the issue and ordered a probe.


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  1. Here companies are behaving like the butchers. they think they can hire and fire the employees without any rules. What i heard is that company did not given salary for the past few months, and now terminating its employees by saying the employees are not good. and they threatened the employees by sending the names of these employees to the other technopark companies to black list them and not give for them.

  2. Companies are there in technopark like this even in now a days? medias needs to be more active to reveal such injustices happening against the employees. how dare that company to black list the employees? technopark should take action against that company and kick them out of technopark.

  3. shocking…blacklisting employees and sending it to other companies? where we are living man?

  4. @Harish, I think you are new to technopark. This policy was exerted by many companies in technopark till recent past.
    It seems the intention of the company is to axe employees without paying their due salary if what Shaji is correct.

  5. blacklisting is happening in other companies as well. Its a hidden agenda for the hr managers within TP. I am a victim… and have collegues who faced similar situation. Think about you being placed in the IT Giant in leela infopark, and ur current company decides to relieve u a week after ur pre-set joining date ? It happened

  6. was even ready to pay back the compensation,even then not willing to release the papers !!! Is there any law and order against this ????

  7. pradeep kumar t

    Good to see that labour commission involved in it. the tech people are highly un-organized so the employees are taking the advantage.

  8. bobby varghese

    There are so many bad practices are happening in IT companies in Technopark, especially in small companies. In such companies the HR managers / Managers are acting as the authority, and he is the most powerful person.

    If he is having some personal grudge towards a person, he will be taking revenge like low grading in appraisal, or even fire the employee out or pressuring him to resign in a very unfavorable market conditions.

    The companies and HR people having a forum within Technopark, where they can communicate each other. so if something happen like that, they will shoot a mail to every other HR guys to make sure that, that employee wont be accepted by any other companies in Technopark.

    Many of the people wont be able to complain about this, because they wanted to find a job soon to support his family and pay his loans. so usually they will leave the place with out any questions.

    I invite everyone to share your personal experience with such stories, so that we can create an awareness and put an end for these practices.

  9. Once in a while you hear of start-up companies in a basement or under the garage named something like “Mathai & Sons Solutions” who have a few 100$ in their kitty and a “pipeline” project…then they hire and offer you the world…a few unemployed graduates from Kerala’s new-gen colleges end up there, they are trained, given free vada etc….drivers are usually the No.2 in such companies. receptionists multitask as Admin, Operations and HR. Then the pipeline dream never comes through and suddenly everything goes bust. You are fired. And then they fire themselves. All good. Nobody ever comes to know.

    I am sure there are some basic criterion or prerequisites for companies to start operations in technopark? Or are these being flouted?

  10. @Mathai please don’t make sarcastic statements.All IT majors including Infosys was also started same way with 4-5 people and few pipeline projects.Luck has a very big role to survive in IT industry.Technical competance and the right attitude along with luck only moves you forward..

  11. Any updates on today (Monday)’s meeting?

  12. The thing is the worse HR policies, and worse HR’s. They think like they are the universe and very least communication with the other employees. As somebody said – after the CEO, the next influential person would be HR or the Cab driver or the security in that company. small companies are having less competent people to lead and motivate. and when the company is sinking they will tell the employees that the performance of employees are bad

  13. There should be an exit policy by Technopark authorities since starting a company in Technopark is so simple(Eg: Incubation). It will be helpful for abandoned Clients and employees. What do you think?

  14. What happened with the discussions?

    And one more thing, its not just happening with the small companies but with others as well except for the IT major’s. It shows the culture!!!

  15. Yes thats correct, There should be some exit policy like the entry criteria. That should make sure that, the existing employees and clients are treating good and they should have sufficient fund, in equivalence with the intake of employees.