Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Revenue Med Blue won Technopark Premier League (TPL)

>>Revenue Med Blue emerged as the winner of the Technopark Premier League (TPL) in the finals held on Sunday at Technopark campus. Revenue Med Blue beat UST Global Blue by 86 runs.

Vishak of Reveue Med gave a brilliant all-round performance.  Organizers will decide the man of match and other awards later.

The prize distribution ceremony is expected to be held during Tech-a-break 2012.


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  1. Weldone…RevenueMed winning the cup twice in a row….you guys rock….i guess for you guys Cricket is really a religion …..congrats from all the cricket lovers from Technopark………..

  2. congrats. it seems the revenue med is the champions for years. and nobody in technopark can be able to beat them.

  3. RevenueMed were TPL champions for three times and now twice in a row. Impressive indeed.

  4. Yes they are the unbeatable. shame for other companies…

  5. Dedication and Team work — It’s the reason of continuous wins…